Improve your Building with a Bike Shelter

Improve your Building with a Bike Shelter

It’s not just schools that can benefit from cycle shelters, these days all types of businesses and facilities can be improved with the addition of this quick and cost effective street furniture. If you own a building or establishment and are looking for a fast and efficient way to instantly improve your premises and attract more visitors, then take a look at the following ways a bike shelter could benefit you.

  • With concerns about the environment growing ever stronger, it’s more important than ever to find ways to reduce the amount of damage we do on a daily basis. One of the most effective methods for doing just that is by using a bike instead of a car. However, many bike enthusiasts would agree that a lack of places to park and safely store your bike discourages them from using it. Whether you run a school, theatre, ice rink or office building, adding a bike shelter to your premises will give people more reasons to say no to the car and get on their bike instead.
  • As a nation we’re growing steadily fatter and are constantly being told to exercise more and lose weight, but in the world we live in finding the time to keep fit can be very difficult. Riding a bike to work or cycling to school with the kids is a great way to fit fitness into your day and if you’ve got facilities to safely lock up bikes the people who use your building are far more likely to use pedal power to get to work or school, which will help them keep fit.
  • If you want your facility to be as well used as possible then it’s important to make it quick and easy to get into and out of. Schools, offices and public buildings tend to have busy traffic surrounding them, especially during rush hours, which can discourage people from using them at all. Adding a cycle shelter to your establishment will encourage more people to ride a bike their and subsequently the amount of traffic will be reduced.
  • With a well-designed bike shed it’s not just cyclists who can benefit. You can find cycle shelters incorporating a waiting area for pedestrians so walkers will be encouraged to visit knowing that they have a safe place to shelter from the rain.

So if you want to make a quick and easy improvement to your building or facility then consider adding a bike shed, bike rack or cycle shelter.

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