Benefits Of A Covered Walkway

Benefits Of A Covered Walkway

Covered walkways are commonly used everywhere from outside schools, in front of retail stores, to connecting buildings for offices and hospitals. While a building is permanent and expensive, a new covered walkway can be added to any area based on your needs, for a much lower cost.

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What benefits will a covered walkways bring to my business?

The benefits of covered walkways are endless. Along with a number of other benefits, a covered walkway is a great way to help your building stand out from the crowd or give it a modern update, whilst also providing protection against the sun and other extreme weather conditions.

Covered Walkway For Schools

Many schools have separate buildings which have been built over time, and bespoke covered walkways are a great way to connect these buildings together without having to completely redesign a building from scratch. The implementation of a covered walkway system for schools also enables them to expand their school premises, and provide protection from harsh UV rays and other extreme weather conditions for both small children and adults whilst travelling to and from school.

For many schools it can become chaotic with pupils constantly moving from classroom to classroom. Through creating a walkway canopy, pupils and teachers are able to move from one classroom to another in an organised manner without the chaos. They also provide a sheltered and safe area for the kids to play and socialise even if it’s pouring with rain – and also a space to store outdoor equipment!

Covered Walkway For Shops

There are numerous reasons as to why retail buildings can benefit from covered walkways. The implementation of covered walkway systems, and the shelter and shade they provide, can help drive business growth by encouraging customers into your shop. Covered walkways for shops can also be used for outdoor product display or even car showrooms!

A covered walkway system will also help to make your shop more accommodating and improve customer experience, providing a sheltered drop-off and pick-up point for customers to wait with their shopping bags.

Covered Walkway For Offices

If you work in a large office or are planning on expanding your office, then why not consider linking the new offices together with the old ones, through covered walkways. These allow employees to stay dry and warm, whilst travelling between buildings for meetings. Covered walkways will also provide protection for any papers or equipment employees are carrying with them, avoiding costly repairs of water damaged laptops, and keeping important documents safe. During the winter months it will also prevent your walkway from becoming icy and dangerous, ensuring the safety of your staff and any visitors. This will help to improve employee experience and boost morale!

Greater Convenience for Clients

Installing a covered walkway can make a real difference to the entrance of your building for many reasons. If you have clients or customers that regularly visit your office then covered walkways can help to make their experience more convenient and enjoyable. It provides them with a sheltered entrance and exit where they can escape from the elements, and wait to be collected after meetings.

Pleasant Feature for Staff

Keeping your staff happy is one of the key challenges of any employer. Covered walkways for offices can be used as a feature that your staff can take advantage of. Whether they use it as an outdoor area to escape the office with the comfort of staying protected from the rain, or even as a meeting area, it can help lead to a more content workforce.

Attractive Feature

Covered walkway systems are available in an almost endless range of styles, meaning that you’ll be able to choose a design that really complements the building and positively adds to its appearance and curb appeal. This can help to make a great first impression on clients and customers who arrive at your place of work, and it can also improve the experience of employees arriving at work every day.

A covered walkways system can be an impressive feature of the building, that helps it to stand out whilst also bringing attention to the entrance. It’s also achievable without having to spend a fortune. Walkway canopy systems, unlike buildings, allow light in and blend in flawlessly as if it were meant to be there all along. Bespoke covered walkways and canopies are made to your exact specifications and design – it can help improve the overall look of your premises.

Keep the Inside of the Building Dry

Covered walkways are ideal for keeping the inside of the building dry when it’s raining outside. Those who are wearing wet shoes when entering the building can make the entrance messy and even dangerous. If you have a covered walkway then the shoes of people entering the building will be drier by the time they enter, helping to minimise any mess or hazards.

How can we help?

Miko Shelter Solutions specialise in a range of standard and bespoke covered walkways to satisfy the needs of your commercial, public sector or industrial premises. As well as enhancing the overall curb appeal of your property with a distinctive and elegant upgrade, a covered walkway and other bespoke walkway canopy can create that all-important outdoor protection for staff members, clients and visitors, come rain or shine.

So whatever your covered walkway needs, we’ve got you covered (quite literally)! Browse through our selection of covered walkways today.

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  • Covered walkways are commonly used everywhere from outside schools, in front of retail stores, to connecting buildings for offices and hospitals. While a building is permanent and expensive, a new......

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