Who benefits from covered walkway installation?

Who benefits from covered walkway installation?

An Introduction to Our Covered Walkways

As one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and installers of bespoke canopies and walkways, Miko Engineering provides a wide range of high quality shelter solutions for almost every application. One such solution is our covered walkway products, which unlock a comprehensive list of benefits for commercial, industrial and public sector building owners looking to give their premises a cost effective makeover.

Here our engineering specialists answer the all-important questions surrounding our covered walkway products so you can make the right choices about your upcoming purchase…

Who benefits from covered walkway installation?

The versatility and durability of a covered walkway ensures that it is a product that every premises can benefit from. Over the years we have worked with schools, offices, hospitals and other private and public sector building owners to install a range of standard and bespoke walkways to satisfy their individual needs and budget.

What can be gained from a new walkway?

Whilst many external works to your building may affect your organisation’s operations, the installation of a covered walkway offers an instant overall without disruption or downtime. As well as offering enhanced curb appeal to impress visiting clients and customers, the addition of a covered canopy or walkway also provides protection from the elements to ensure your staff, clients and visitors can enjoy the outdoor space your premises has to offer without being battered by the great British weather!

For the schools that we work with, a covered canopy also provides an extension of the building’s interior space. Covered walkways offer a solution to overcrowded classrooms during warmer weather, whilst our sun canopies can also be designed and built to deliver UV protection.

Why choose Miko as your walkway manufacturer?

Here at Miko Shelter Solutions we deliver a specialist range of standard and bespoke products that are built to suit your particular work environment. Our products come in a range of finishes to ensure you harness all the benefits of the covered area whilst improving the aesthetic appearance of your overall building.

Our Tyne & Wear based team have the experience and skills to create something special for your building, and our custom-made products are designed, built and installed to order to encompass your wants and needs. Available in fixed or free standing, our walkways also come with a selection of engineering extras to ensure you receive a first class product.

Are you looking for a walkways to enhance the curb appeal of your premises? Contact us today on 0191 428 0452 to discuss your requirements.


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