Covered Walkways First Impressions

Covered Walkways First Impressions

If you’ve ever arrived at a job interview soaked to the bone or felt like it was too rainy to pop outside for some fresh air during a busy day at work, you’re not alone.  Research shows that the first impression of a business is gained before even setting foot inside the door – the outside of the building, including maintenance of the grounds, any signs and other aspects such as benches, bins or a covered walkway are all taken into account when forming our first impressions.  By installing a covered walkway outside your building, you’re protecting staff and visitors from the elements whilst creating a warm welcome for anyone braving the inclement UK weather.

Productive and Happy Employees

Research shows that people are more productive when they take regular breaks, and being cooped up in an airless office all day, staring at a computer screen, is bad for anyone.  It’s important that your employees take regular breaks from their screens, whether it’s 5 minutes to pop for a coffee or a few moments outside for a breath of fresh air.  With a covered walkway, staff can head outside for some fresh air no matter what the weather, and a few minutes to clear their heads can do wonders for productivity levels and creative thinking!

Protection from the Elements

Visitors to your building or those attending job interviews usually arrive feeling a little frazzled after their journey, particularly if the weather is bad.  The UK’s winters are growing longer and global warming has led to increased rainfall across the country, which means colder, wetter conditions for travelling. A covered walkway is the perfect place for visitors to stop and take a moment to relax before entering your building.  Whether they want to adjust their appearance, put things away in a handbag or briefcase or simply take their umbrella down and take a few deep breaths before their interview, a covered walkway protects them from the elements and gives them a few minutes to compose themselves before entering the building.

Installing a covered walkway is the perfect way to create an outdoor space with protection from the elements, allowing visitors to your building to enjoy a warm welcome whilst providing a space for employees to get some fresh air without braving the bad weather!  You could even use your covered walkway as a bike shelter, encouraging employees to take alternative, healthier modes of transport to work.

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