Hotel Covered Walkways

Hotel Covered Walkways

Choose a Covered Walkway for your Hotel

The hotel trade can be very lucrative but with so many different establishments out there all competing for business, it’s important to do everything you can to make your hotel stand out from the crowd. Covered walkways are a fabulous addition to hotel entrance ways that not only look stylish, but also provide a host of other major benefits for staff and patrons.

Protection from the elements

When people stay in a hotel, no matter how high end or basic it is, they want to feel like they’re being treated as a VIP. Even if you don’t charge the earth for a stay at your venue, there are still lots of ways you can make visitors feel special, such as providing covered walkways that will protect them from the elements.

The UK is synonymous with changeable weather. Not only do we seem to experience heavy snow, driving rain and freezing temperatures every winter, we also get blazing hot summers too! a covered walkways is ideal in every season either to keep customers dry and warm, or keep them cool when the sun is shining.

Cost and Benefit

When you work as a hotelier its essential to consider every expense you have and work out whether that cost is worth the benefit your business will receive. When it comes to covered walkways the benefits most definitely outweigh the cost. For  a small investment you can have stylish and practical covered walkways installed that will still look great in several years’ time, improve the first impressions visitors have of your building and provide that all important protection.

Large Buildings

It’s wonderful to have a large hotel building, or several buildings as the more rooms you have, the more money you can potentially make. However, separate buildings can be troublesome. For example if you have a restaurant in one building and rooms in another, what do your guests do if it rains. You can install an elegant covered walkway to connect to separate structures so that guests, visitors and staff don’t need to get wet each time they step out.

Maximise Curb Appeal

The way people shop for goods and services on the internet has changed. Whereas once potential clients would have searched for information on your hotel, today, they’re much more likely to judge whether or not they want to stay with you by the images of your hotel they find on the net. A covered walkway will give your hotel maximum curb appeal by making it look more professional and more appealing. When guest view your hotel they’ll know that they’ll be able to load and unload luggage easily and be provided with a convenient stay.


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