Covered Walk Ways

Covered Walk Ways

Covered walkways can be found in all kinds of situations. They are generally designed to keep people away from the elements, which in the UK can sometimes be less than pleasant, especially in winter. They can be found on walk ways that span busy roads where people can safely cross a road high above the traffic. They can be found at the entrances to hotels to allow guests to alight from taxis and approach the hotel entrance without getting wet, should it be raining at the time. They can also be found in many other places where the comfort of people is considered important.

Covered walk ways can take many different forms. They can be fully enclosed, as is usually the case for pedestrian walk ways that span busy streets; people and children need to be safe, and if that type of walk way were not fully enclosed, a small child, for example, could possibly slip through an opening and fall off, landing in the busy street below with disastrous results.

Some covered walkways have open sides with only the top part covered. This is usually the case with walk ways found at the entrances of hotels. This design allows general pedestrians to walk through, but also provides cover for arriving and leaving hotel guests. The covers of walk ways can differ in the material used as well. Some are of canvas material and others are of a more permanent nature and have clear plastic covering. Yet others may be sturdier and have a steel covering. It all depends on what the walk way is intended to be used for.

Covered walkways are often used at manufacturing sites to keep people and goods dry between buildings. This is often the case when older buildings are still in use that were not designed for their modern day purpose. They can also be useful in places where people typically have to queue or wait, or for connecting office buildings with a car park.

Covered walk was are a kind of stage between the open elements and an actual building. They are mainly used to keep people and goods away from rain, hail or snow, and they can also be used to isolate people from busy traffic and other potentially dangerous situations.

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