Chic and Stylish Cycle Shelters

Chic and Stylish Cycle Shelters

Save the Environment with Cycle Shelters

Traffic congestion, pollution and overcrowding are become more and more problematic across the UK, but there are lots of people attempting to make a change, for example by using their bikes instead of driving. But cyclists around the country often have a hard time finding safe cycle paths and secure shelters where they can leave their transport during the day.

Whether you’re a town planner, business owner, school or public building manager, you can do your bit for the environment by installing cycle shelters that will encourage people to use their bikes when travelling to and from your building.

The Benefits of Cycling

There’s no denying that cycling is much better for the environment than other forms of transport, but it also has amazing health benefits. But in terms of business, what exactly is the benefit of health? If you own an office building then encouraging your staff to be fit and active can have a very positive effect on your business. Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise that can help with weight loss and increase general fitness. When people feel fit and healthy they have more energy, which leads to greater motivation and a better standard of work. Exercise releases endorphins which means undertaking regular activity makes us both healthier and happier. In addition, fitter people tend to suffer from minor illnesses less so if you’re staff are healthy they’ll take less sick days.

Make Life Easier with Cycle Shelters

Cars may be convenient, but there’s not much else they’re good for. Vehicles that use fossil fuels to run pump out emissions that damage the environment every time they’re used. Bikes may only be big enough for one, but cars are big enough for four, five or six, yet most people still travel alone in them. In addition to the environmental damage caused by cars, there’s also the space they take up. Buildings are required to have large car parks and roads are clogged up by busy traffic. If everyone rode a bike, would there even be a morning and evening rush hour?

Chic and Stylish Cycle Shelters

No matter what type of building you own or how much space you have, you’ll easily find chic and stylish cycle shelters that will either blend in to your environment or stand out to really make a statement. Whatever type of cycle shelter you choose, by installing a safe place for the people who use your building to leave their bikes will give them all the encouragement they need to leave the car at home and get out and about on two wheels. So for a healthier, happier workforce and to help the environment forget getting a bigger car park and install a cycle shelter at your establishment instead.

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