Cycle Shelters Can Improve an Area

Cycle Shelters Can Improve an Area

5 Ways that High-Quality Cycle Shelters Can Improve an Area

Everyone knows how good cycling is for personal health and the wellbeing of the planet. But simply telling people how good it is will not make a difference if an area is lacking in the appropriate facilities for cyclists.

Cycle shelters are one of the most important facilities that cyclists need, and here are five ways that they can improve an area when they are installed.

1. Reduce Transport Emissions

There is no better way to get around if you want to reduce CO2 emissions than to get on your bike. You can talk all you like about electric vehicles, but nothing is cleaner and greener than cycling.

To encourage more people to cycle to work, effective shelters are needed. That means shelters which provide protection from the weather and also allow people to keep their bikes safely locked away without fear of them being damaged or stolen.

2. Create a More Pleasant Atmosphere

Cities where lots of people cycle have a more pleasant atmosphere because there is simply less noise and fumes from traffic to ruin it for everyone. The more people who cycle, the more pleasant the surroundings become.

But of course if there are no effective shelters for cyclists to use then they may just opt to travel by car instead.

3. Help to Keep People Fit

We all know how important it is to keep fit and healthy, but sometimes it can be a real drag. Often we simply cannot find the time to do so, which is why cycling is so useful.

By cycling to work or school, people can keep fit without using up any extra time during their day. If they have the facilities to store their bikes when they arrive at their destination then they are far more likely to consider cycling as an option.

4. Stylish Features

Some cycle shelters are far more than just structures in which bikes can be left. Instead, they become fashion statements in their own right.

Schools, hospitals and public areas have all improved the look and feel of their outside spaces by erecting bike shelters which look a bit out of the ordinary and add style to previously unexciting spaces.

5. Double Up as Other Types of Shelter

Some bike shelters don’t just look good, but they also perform a number of functions. For example, cycle shelters can be designed to double up as waiting areas for pedestrians, and even outdoor teaching areas in schools, making them even more useful.

Cycle Shelters Improve an Area

Cycle shelters provide a quick and cost-effective way to improve an area. They encourage more cycling and all the benefits which that brings, they look stylish and they can provide a useful function beyond the needs of cyclists. Isn’t it time you started thinking about putting up more shelters in your area?


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