Keeping Bicycles Safe and Secure

Keeping Bicycles Safe and Secure

Cycle shelters are constructions where bicycles can be parked and stored in an orderly fashion. The bicycles can also be secured to the bike racks supplied, or the cycle shelter may have a locked gate and users may require to have a key for access. Cycle shelters can be found in many places, typically at schools. They can also be adapted as covered waiting areas for parents, for example.

The most secure type of cycle shelters are obviously the kind that have a secured gate. This makes the shelter a compound, in effect, that can only be accessed by using an appropriate key. Often, the shelter can be used with or without a gate, giving a high degree of flexibility about how the shelter can be used. Manufacturers can usually supply a standard range of shelters, or they can supply a bespoke shelter, according to individual specifications.

Cycle shelters are generally made from robust galvanised steel piping frames and can be covered in polyester PETG transparent sheeting, made from thermoplastic copolyester, to provide shelter while still allowing reasonably unobstructed all round vision. Polyester PETG is an excellent choice for the cladding of a shelter. It is greatly superior to the likes of Perspex, or even some of the more modern plastic sheeting. It offers strength and durability with good light transmission, and it’s easy to work with and erect.

It is common for cycle shelters to be available in a range of colours, and bespoke versions can of course have any colour shade possible. Shelters can also be purchased in various sizes. They usually come as standard with cycle capacities in multiples of 10. For example, they may be able to accommodate 10, 20, 30 or 40 bicycles, or even more. It is also common for manufacturers to supply cycle shelters at a price that includes carriage and delivery, as well as installation and construction on site.

Cycle shelters are commonly found in schools, but can also be found in places of work, leisure centres and community centres, as well as other places where people are likely to need a parking facility for a bicycle. Modern shelters are bright and airy with good all round visibility. They usually offer racks where a bicycle can be securely fastened to avoid theft.


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