What to Look for in Your Manufacturer

What to Look for in Your Manufacturer

Cycle shelters come in all different shapes, sizes and budgets, meaning it can sometimes be hard to choose a company to design and manufacture one for you. This article looks at the main things to look out for when choosing a manufacturer of cycle shelters.

Cycle shelters for schools, playgrounds and public places come in a wide variety of styles for every budget. But how do you choose a company to design and make your cycle shelters? Here are a few things to look out for next time you buy a cycle shelter.

Variety of Models

One of the most important things to look out for when you are searching for a company which makes cycle shelters is the variety of models on offer. Cycle shelters can vary enormously, whether they are large, small, include secure storage, are fitted with bike racks or double up as waiting shelters. A company which has a full portfolio of designs is more likely to provide you with the exact shelter that you are looking for.

Variety of Colours & Finishes

As well as the design, you will also want to choose a company which offers a number of different colours and finishes. Some companies are limited in the colours they can offer, whereas some build them to your specific requirements. So if you need cycle shelters which fit into the surroundings then you will want the widest range of colours possible.

A wide range of finishes is also desirable, so whether you are looking for polyester powder coated or hot dipped galvanised finishes, you want a company which can meet all your requirements.

Complete with Installation

You should always look for a company which will include the installation when you purchase cycle shelters. Not only will this make your life a lot easier, but they will ensure that the shelter is completely secure and therefore safe to use.

Responsible for Both Design and Manufacture

Companies that both design and manufacture cycle shelters provide you with more options when it comes to choosing your model. It means they have control over the whole process, so whatever you are looking for they will be able to arrange it for you.

Look Out for these Key Qualities when Choosing Cycle Shelters

Cycle shelters, when designed and manufactured properly, are a great investment and will last you many years. When it comes to buying yours, check whether your company can offer you the above qualities to ensure you get the exact shelter you are after.


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