Bikes, Fitness and Lifestyle

Bikes, Fitness and Lifestyle

How can I Buy a Bike That Suits My Fitness and Lifestyle Needs?

Cycling has seen something of a boom in recent years with the London Olympics 2012 inspiring everyone to shape up. The whole of Britain has seen the number of cycle paths and country biking trails multiply and more and more people are looking to pedal their way to better fitness and find a better way to travel to work or school. Are you taking the jump onto the biking bandwagon? Check out our guide to buying a bike that suits you…

Whether this is your first purchase or you are looking to upgrade your current bike for a model that is a little shinier, it is important that you define your goals before you head out to the shops. What you intend to use the bike for will determine exactly what bike you need. Do you want something that will get you to work and back every day? Or perhaps you are looking for a bike that is more suited to country riding and able to take on the steepest of hills?

The majority of bikes are extremely versatile and cater to all different types of riding but it helps to purchase a bike that is fit for purpose. For commuters looking to escape the hustle and bustle of public transport, touring bikes are a great choice. Touring bikes, or ‘tourers’, have drop handlebars, mudguards and racks. In addition to this tourers have thicker tyres for extra stability on the most hectic of city streets.

Hybrids are also a popular choice for commuting and instead have a higher, flatter handlebar so the rider can sit in an upright position. This particular bike type is perfect if you have to take on country lanes and bike paths before you park up at the bike shelters at school or work cycle shelters, making it the ideal choice for cycling during the working week and the weekend. Need a little help on those long commutes? Consider an electric bike, this can be switched on when your legs get a little weary, giving you the time you need to recuperate, especially up steep hills! Electric bikes are also perfect for standing starts from traffic lights or pedestrian crossings, meaning you can zip away just as fast as other road users!

For the sportier side of cycling, the mountain bike is a great way to go, this model is ideal for cycling through the most difficult trails in the countryside, as well as tarmacked areas in the bike park. If you take your cycling even more seriously and take to the tarmac on a regular basis for competitions, then a purpose-built road racing bike is a great companion.

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