Staying Safe When Cycling

Staying Safe When Cycling

How to Stay Safe When Cycling with Small Children

Visibility is key when it comes to maintaining safety as a cyclist, whatever your age, and many cyclists choose to ride in groups to enhance this. Family bike rides involve a mixture of different abilities so maintaining this ‘safety in numbers’ ethos works well especially when riding with smaller children. When riding with inexperienced cyclists, you must also choose your route well, children’s bicycles tend not to have gears and the brakes on these models may not be the best quality, so ensure that the journey you take from the school bike sheds to your home is free from hills and busy roads.

Taking snacks for the journey is also highly recommended, especially when undertaking longer rides. Take food and plenty of water to keep your little one refreshed and energised. Ensure you all stop at regular intervals to hydrate, eat and rest. Bike shelters provide plenty of shade and the perfect checkpoint for weary cyclists; bikes can also be secured so you can explore the area further on foot.

As parents of young children will know, little minds tend to wander during longer trips so make sure you don’t hear ‘are we there yet?’ on your family bike ride. Take the road less travelled and explore together to keep the bike ride interesting. Create a learning experience for your child and get them involved in the environment around them whatever your destination. Don’t always take the same route either, instead mix it up to provide an enjoyable adventure every time!

When it comes to safety, the equipment you are using counts. Buying a good quality bicycle for your child is a great start; there are a number of models on the market but focus on the performance of brakes to ensure your child has a comfortable and safe ride. Make sure the seat is adjustable too, your child should be able to extend their legs fully when cycling. A helmet is also a must wear, regardless of the length or difficulty of your journey.

A family bike ride is the perfect bonding experience for everyone involved so stay in shape and explore safely this summer with a ride around your local park or a cycling day trip.

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