5 Reasons to Install Entrance Canopies

5 Reasons to Install Entrance Canopies

Whether it’s at home or in a workplace there are tons of great reasons to install entrance canopies outside your building. If you’re considering investing in an entrance canopy then take a look at these five reasons why adding an covered walkway to your building makes good business sense and could even end up saving you money.

1. Keep Visitors Dry

When it’s raining cats and dogs, entrance canopies are ideal for protecting staff, clients and visitors and keeping them dry. If you’re trying to create a good first impression it’s a great idea to make sure your visitors feel well cared for before they’ve even stepped through the door and staff will appreciate not having to start their work day soaking wet.

2. Useful Waiting Area

An entrance canopy can also act as a useful waiting area outside your building where staff and visitors can wait to be picked up or get some fresh air whilst still being afforded some protection from the elements.

3. Staff Meeting Place

Studies have shown that staff who spend time outside during the day are more productive than those who don’t take breaks and stay in the office. A covered walkway will encourage your staff to get out, take a break and ready themselves for more hard work.

4.  Say Thanks to Staff

When people feel appreciated by those who manage them they’re much more likely to go the extra mile. An entrance canopy to keep staff dry and provide them with a place to meet will let them know that their hard work is appreciated.

5. Keep Clean

Wet floors can be dangerous, especially in public buildings, whilst a dirty floor creates a negative impression for anyone walking in. a covered walkway will help keep your floors drier and cleaner inside so your building is well presented and safe. With UK winters becoming ever harsher more and more people are missing work days due to snow. A canopy will help keep the entrance to your building clear in the event of snow so that it can be easily accessed by staff which could help save you money in missed work days.

So whether you own a business premises or a home consider installing a covered walkway and make your building easier to access, more appealing to visitors and a better environment for staff to work in.

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