Street Furniture

Street Furniture

Street furniture is something which can be added to any town, city or public space to brighten it up and make it more attractive. But what are the main types of street furniture you may want to install? Here are some of the most common, along with how they can make a difference to the area in which they are used.

Street furniture is one way that you can make a real difference to public areas in towns and cities. However, sometimes you may be wondering which is the best type of street furniture to use in an area.

Here are four of the main types of furniture which are regularly used by authorities across the UK who are responsible for improving public spaces, along with how they can improve the area in which they are being used.

1. Benches
Benches are the ideal type of street furniture to use in public places. You can never have enough benches, and they will always be used so you don’t have to worry that you are spending money on something which will not be appreciated.

Benches can be located in parks, in bus stops, on the side of roads, in playgrounds, and practically anywhere where there is a need to provide a place to relax.

2. Tables
Tables can be the ideal piece of furniture to include in a public place such as a park. If you have an outside area that you want people to enjoy, tables can encourage more people to use the area because they know that they will have a place to sit.

People may want to use the tables for picnics, to share a drink or simply to sit around and talk with their friends. Providing them with this useful item of furniture will ensure that more people make use of the space provided for them.

3. Shelters & Walkways
Shelters are incredibly useful and will help to make the area more practical and comfortable for people to use.

Shelters and walkways provide protection from the elements, so even when it is raining people do not have to get wet. This will create a more pleasant environment for people to use and you will be providing a very useful service.

4. Bike Shelters
Bike shelters have a very practical purpose in that they allow people to store their bikes and gear away safely. Having good-quality bike shelters in a town or city encourages more people to use their bikes to get around rather than driving, which can affect the atmosphere of the entire area.

But bike shelters can also be used to add a splash of colour or an interesting feature if you get them designed specially, and they can turn out to be a very unique feature of any public area.

Make Use of Street Furniture

Street furniture such as waiting shelters, benches, tables, bike shelters and others are ideal ways to improve any public space. The above types of street furniture are the most common and practical, so consider these next time you are responsible for choosing items of furniture for any space.

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