A Better Community with Street Furniture

A Better Community with Street Furniture

Street furniture is something that’s often overlooked by the people who benefit from it, but great street furniture can carry out a number of useful functions that can help benefit communities. If you’re a town planner or council worker and you’re considering an investment then take a look at the many ways in which high quality street furniture could improve your local area.

A Warm Welcome

Shoppers love a place to sit down, relax and take the weight off their feet or simply stop for a chat. A well designed bench in the local green space or on the high street gives an area a more welcoming feel and encourages more people to visit.

Comfort and Convenience

A great village or town should be easy to get around, whatever the weather. Bus stop shelters, cycle shelters and plenty of places to sit encourage people to get out and about more frequently and make life easier for commuters. Adding amenities like secure bike shelters can even help give local residents more incentive to keep fit.

Aesthetic Appeal

Great outdoor furniture can really add to the aesthetics of an area. Business districts can benefit from cutting benches and tree guards that look perfectly placed surrounded by modern buildings and traditional towns are enhanced by reproduction street furniture that echoes the architectural heritage of the area.

Pride of Place

High quality, well maintained street furniture can make areas appear more attractive, welcoming and comfortable which all adds to an area’s appeal. Studies show that the better an area looks the more likely it is that local residents will try to keep it that way, so adding some great street furniture to your town or village centre could help improve its overall appearance.

Keeping Clean

Although a well maintained town or village is far less likely to suffer at the hands of vandalism, unfortunately there are always those who want to leave their mark, no matter how unwelcome it is. Today’s street furniture is specially treated to reduce graffiti and withstand attempts at vandalism.

Eco Awareness

These days councils need to consider the carbon footprint of the area they serve, which means looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. You can find incredible street furniture made from recycled plastic that’s tough, durable and an eco-friendly option.

Invest in Street Furniture for your Town or Village

If you’re a town planner or council member, make sure you make the most of your area and give local residents the amenities they deserve by installing some high quality benches, shelters, canopies and other street furniture in your area.

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