Damaged Street Furniture

Damaged Street Furniture

Who Should I Report Damaged Street Furniture To?

Furniture like benches, shelters, planters, cycle sheds and entrance canopies can become damaged through vandalism and general wear and tear, whilst it is the responsibility of your council to upkeep these and amend any damage; they need help from community members to identify problems that may go unnoticed.

Each council has a Neighbourhood Services Department which maintains the cleaning schedules for shelters, litter bins and other furniture, this department can also be contacted for further information or to report problems that you may have experienced with the street furniture that they have installed.

Every council aims to empty waste bins twice weekly in built up areas, whilst litter and dog bins in rural areas may be maintained across longer intervals. Reporting full litter or dog bins as well as vandalised or damaged furniture in rural areas is actually the same procedure as reporting problems in urban areas, and despite maintenance being carried out by smaller Parish Councils, all information requests and reports should be direct to your Borough Council.

The same applies for street name plates, despite the latest installations of plates being built into galvanised frames, a handy deterrent designed to combat vandalism and theft, many still fall victim to damage every day. These should be reported to the Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Services, who handle complaints about street name signs on council owned housing estates.

Canopies & walkways are also subjected to a rigorous cleaning regime; however, these are maintained less regularly than public bins, benches and shelters. Any problems with walkways and entrance canopies in your area should be reported to your Borough Council via phone or by using an online form. Damaged furniture that creates an immediate hazard for pedestrians will be resolved straight away.

Are problems with public furniture reported differently if you live on a new housing or business development? For new developments, both business and housing, the maintenance of street signs and furniture is the responsibility of your developer and should be reported to them directly.

Reporting damage to your street furniture is a vital part of being a responsible and thoughtful member of the community; in turn you maintain an attractive, smarter and safer street scene that everyone can enjoy!

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