How to Maximise the Curb Appeal of Your Commercial Premises

How to Maximise the Curb Appeal of Your Commercial Premises

At Miko Shelter Solutions, we understand that your business’ professional appearance is important to you and just a little time, effort and investment can make your customer base sit up and really listen to your brand and its service or products. But how do you ensure your commercial premises makes the right first impression?

Check out our top tips for increasing the curb appeal of your premises…

Modernise Your Exterior

Whilst moving offices or overhauling the entire look of your business premises is not an economical option for many companies, the addition of some modernising features can make all the difference you need to enhance curb appeal. For client-facing businesses in particular throughout the service industry, the installation of a covered walkway can dramatically transform the outward appearance of your business and present a more professional and appealing image for visiting clients and customers.

We provide a host of bespoke and standard covered canopies and walkways, all of which can improve the appearance of your business premises without the need for costly and disruptive relocation.

A Lick of Paint

A fresh paint job can work wonders for commercial properties that look tired and dated, and can be a cost effective and efficient way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your premises without disturbing day-to-day business inside the building. Feeling brave? Go for a whole new colour scheme, take inspiration from your business’ brand and image or incorporate the style of surrounding properties in the area to achieve a seamless and attractive look.

Dig Out Your ‘To Do’ List

Every building owner has a non-urgent building maintenance to do list, the items of which keep getting put off as more urgent matters of business present themselves. However, tackling the odd repair and maintenance jobs on this list can ultimately improve the overall appearance of a building. Cracked guttering, unclean windows, tired paintwork and unkempt landscapes all add to a dishevelled look but are relatively cheap and easy to resolve.

Invest in Outdoor Furnishings

How you furnish the exterior of your property is just as important as how presentable the interior of your office, hotel or public building is so invest in new street furniture to upgrade your commercial facilities for both staff and visitors alike.  Our benches, bins, bollards and cycle shelters will transform properties old and new in a single flourish. The addition of picnic tables will also improve the atmosphere of your working environment, providing a great communal feel for all!

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