A City Without Street Furniture?

A City Without Street Furniture?

What Would your City Look Like Without Street Furniture?

Take a walk down the high street in any of the UK’s towns and cities, and you’re sure to come across street furniture.  From plain wooden benches to decorative cast iron tree grilles and the latest recycling bins, street furniture not only adds aesthetic appeal to our high streets, but it’s also functional and something that most of us take for granted.

Cleaning up our Streets

Can you imagine a high street without rubbish and recycling bins? If your local council didn’t bother to spend their money on bins for your town or city, think of how much rubbish there would be everywhere!  Whether your high street is dotted with traditional style bins that blend in with the architecture or sturdy steel litter bins which are as practical in the town centre as they are in parks, school playgrounds and other public areas, the humble litter bin plays a huge part in how clean our public spaces are.  The next time you drop an empty drinks bottle into a bin on your local high street, take a few minutes to notice the design of the bin – many towns and cities customise their street furniture with an emblem representing the city or the council.

Put your Feet up

Of course, street furniture isn’t all about bins and tree grilles, it’s also about comfort, and finding a place to rest your weary legs after that three-hour shopping spree in Primark.  Most high streets, parks and other public areas will have at least a couple of benches where you can take the weight off for a few moments, whether they’re steel and wooden benches painted in bright colours (often found in playparks or school playgrounds), traditional wooden benches or contemporary, stylish steel and wooden designs that wouldn’t look out of place in a design museum, the humble bench has come a long way since it first graced our towns and cities.  Today’s designs are as visually stunning as they are practical, adding a stylish touch to whatever space they’re designed for, from parks to busy high streets.

Street furniture today has come a long way from the dull, boring designs of the past.  With a modern eye for design and contemporary styles gracing streets and parks across the UK, the latest manufacturers of street furniture put real thought into their designs.  Whether your city opts for a traditional style or the more modern street furniture available on the market, take a few moments to look around and appreciate it the next time you’re shopping or strolling through the park!

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