10 Reasons to Get Cycling this New Year

10 Reasons to Get Cycling this New Year

Ok, so the weather is a little grim but spring is on its way, giving us all the more reason to embrace the great outdoors and our bicycle helmet. Still not convinced? We have put together 10 top reasons to get on your bike, whether that be commuting to work or school, or recreationally riding at the weekends.

1. A faster way to travel

Cycling is much quicker than walking, driving in rush hour traffic or taking the longer route via public transport, so see your journey time halved by pedalling to work or school.

2. Increase your immune system

Regular riding has countless health benefits, increased immunity is just one reason to take up cycling. According to a recent study by the University of North Carolina, individuals who bike to work or school regularly take 50% less days off than their less active colleagues or classmates.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint

Bicycles are the most environmentally friendly way to travel and produce zero pollution in comparison to cars and public transport.

4. Boost your memory

The increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain through increased and regular exercise means cycling can also work wonders for your mind as well as your body.

5. Keep it cheap and cheerful

Apart from the initial costs of the bicycle and safety equipment, cycling is much more economical than alternative modes of transport, which means there’s no need for the moaning and groaning we all do when we see the latest prices at the pump.

6. Safe, secure and practical storage

More and more workplaces and public buildings are championing cycling as an excellent way to commute and many invest in the facilities to keep your bicycle secure whilst at work or school. Here at Miko Shelter Solutions, we provide a range of standard and bespoke bike storage options for companies looking to embrace this healthier way to travel.

7. Embrace better health with fewer risks

Cycling on a regular basis can cut your risk of heart disease by up to 50% and reduce the risk of developing other life threatening diseases such as cancer.

8. Sleep well

Cyclists can benefit from a better and more regulated sleeping pattern, which is great for sufferers of insomnia and other sleep disorders who find it difficult to get their full eight hours.

9. Lose weight

If you are looking to shift a few pounds this New Year then getting into the saddle could offer a more interesting and effective route to improved fitness and body shape.

10. Enjoy!

Cycling is an activity that all the family can enjoy and as well as regular riding to work or school, there are a number of routes that you can take to at the weekend and during those hard-earned holidays.

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