5 Reasons to Invest in Outdoor Learning

5 Reasons to Invest in Outdoor Learning

With spring well underway and summer swiftly approaching, the great British weather is taking a sunnier turn creating the perfect environment to take learning outside of the confines of the classroom.

Here at Miko Shelter Solutions, we specialise in the design and manufacture of outdoor classrooms and encourage schools and other educational organisations to take advantage of the benefits of outdoor learning. But why is an outdoor classroom the right choice for your school premises?

We have compiled our top five benefits of outdoor classrooms to ensure schools can unlock a more engaging way to learn for pupils of all ages and abilities.

1. Look beyond the boundaries of traditional teaching

Whilst the weather may inhibit outdoor learning in the autumn and winter months, the warmer seasons provide the perfect opportunity to explore teaching methods beyond the traditional textbooks, lectures and video resources. Investing in an outdoor classroom enables teachers to utilise all that nature has to offer transforming the way that they teach for the better.

Outdoor learning offers an interactive experience for students of various ages and the outdoor classroom provides a great environment and atmosphere as well as the space and ability to take a more practical, experiential approach to teaching.

2. Celebrate different learning styles

Learning styles vary from student to student, and often the traditional indoor classroom environment can restrict students that learn better through practical teaching models. The outdoor classroom ensures teachers can celebrate these different learning styles and cater to every student accordingly.

3. Take a multi-sensory approach

Multi-sensory experiences are particularly rewarding, and the outdoors gives every student the chance to undertake activities that exercise every sense from smell, hearing and touch to taste and sight.

4. Connect with the environment around you

As well as using an outdoor classroom to connect with nature, taking learning out into the community can be extremely beneficial and give students, teachers and the wider school roots in the world around them. Usually community activities are restricted to out-of-school hours, however, the use of an outdoor classroom enables schools to use stewardship and other learning techniques to connect with the community and enhance learning.

This positive connection between school and community will not only encourage social involvement, but also enforce a positive message about the school and public education.

5. An affordable way to expand your premises and learning

Whilst the introduction of an outdoor classroom has a selection of learning benefits, it can also help to increase the seasonal capacity of the school premises. The design and manufacture of outdoor classrooms is relatively inexpensive and is an efficient way to enhance the size, facilities and engagement of your school premises.

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