Back to School Bike Shelters at Miko

Back to School Bike Shelters at Miko

It’s officially September and we all know what that means- After the long, hot summer the kids are back to school (finally!!!). Whether you dread the back to school season or long for it here at Miko we has been working hard all summer long to develop cycle shelter solutions adaptable to the needs of each and every school across the North East. Miko engineering have been working in the education sector since we began over 30 years ago. Our in-house engineerings handcraft an excellent range of products that suit all environments and help your school make the most of its space. We ensure our products are designed to be as functional as possible, yet remain attractive to add a unique and valuable touch to any school.

Here is a breakdown of the diverse and multipurpose ways a Miko school bike shelter can be used within the educational environment to help the new school year run just that little bit more smoothly!



school bike shelters


Miko bike shelters have been a popular solution for schools since the company was launched. Miko believes in the promotion of more sustainable travel options and therefore want to work to engineer school cycle shelters to assist the facilitation of cycle to schools schemes. Cars can often cause extreme congestion as well as create safety hazards around schools. The school run doesn’t always have to mean the pile-up of cars and here at Miko, we want to take away the pressure with our cycle solutions. Make the mornings less stressful for teachers, parents, and pupils by installing one of our bike and cycle shelters in your schoolyard for children to store their bikes. Why not- it’s more economically cost-effective and environmentally friendly!


Here at Miko, our engineers have worked hard to make our school bike shelter range adaptable and transformable into general shelter structures. This includes creating parent waiting shelters for school. Having a parent waiting shelter outside of a school entrance can provide parents for shelter and protection from the erratic British elements. Such shelter may encourage parents to walk their children to school or pick them up on foot if they have an area to wait safely for them. Miko simply adapts our classic bike shelters by removing the cycle rack and adding a comfortable bench for waiting purposes. In addition to providing a waiting area for parents, these shelters can also protect pupils and teachers from rain, strong winds, and harmful UV sun exposure. Waiting shelters can also act as the perfect designated pick up point for parents waiting to collect children from school. They are a great, practical addition to any school.


Miko has also developed an open teaching shelter option by adapting our primary cycle shelter structures. These bespoke shelters have a circular seating area that can be used as a shaded and sheltered outdoor classroom area for teachers and pupils to use during the warmer summer months. These shelters provide a fabulous opportunity to create an outdoor classroom and engage children through sensory outdoor learning.


Here at Miko, we have also developed a range of buggy shelters in order to service the needs of clients from schools, hospitals, doctors surgeries and of course nurseries. These buggy shelters enable parents to walk young children to school with their older children and store the buggy if they so require.  

Miko Engineering’s product range is designed with your school in mind. We understand that every school’s environment, budgets, and needs are different. By working closely with each school, Miko can account for these individual needs. If you are looking for a cycle shelter to fit your educational facilities do not hesitate to contact us today on 0191 428 0452 or email one of our sales team at

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