Should we invest in school bike storage?

Should we invest in school bike storage?

School cycle shelters offer some fabulous features for all the pupils and staff members attending your school to enjoy meaning your students can benefits from a healthier lifestyle and your educational facility can benefit from healthier students.

The durability that many makes and models of school cycle shelters offer is second to none and provides a safe place for your pupils and teachers to store their bicycle during school hours. These contemporary and often high-tech bike storage facilities also provide protection from the elements for bicycles and scooters too. Students can store their bicycles without fear that they will become damaged by the sun’s UV rays or by the ever-changing extremes of the great British weather.

Cycle stores also offer excellent security and enhanced safety in comparison to the common bike rack or temporary storage against street furnishings, benches and trees. Teamed with a bike lock (preferably a D-lock system) or chain, these on-site storage units provide unbeatable protection for bicycles and present a challenge to the most proficient bicycle thieves.

Whilst many may think that you have to choose between aesthetics and durability, many storage manufacturers combine these essential qualities to create the perfect product for schools, offices and other public buildings. Shelters are available in a number of stunning designs, all of which can be customised to your needs or to incorporate your school’s logo or colour scheme. Many contemporary shelters are also available in a variety of materials, from timber to steel, so whether you are looking for a storage facility that stands out or blends in to the wider surroundings of your school, you can achieve the look you desire.

School bicycle shelters offer owners of public and private buildings the chance to get involved in their student and staff members’ healthy lifestyles. Give your school the kick start it needs and get more and more pupils cycling by investing in a high quality, durable and customisable bike shelter.

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