How to Make the Most of Your Commercial Premises

How to Make the Most of Your Commercial Premises

We understand that your commercial premises forms a vital part of your business identity, however, with many of today’s commercial and industrial buildings rather lacklustre, it’s not always easy to put your best face forward.

As a commercial property owner, enhancing the appearance and facilities available on site at your premises can also be an investment with many property owners wanting to add value and make a profit in the future. As one of the UK’s most experienced and established street furniture manufacturers, we have helped companies from all sectors transform the face of their commercial premises for the better. Here we offer our top tips for making the most of your commercial property…

Remember – beauty is in the eye of the beholder

By letting your staff and customers’ views of your business and wider brand influence its physical appearance you can make a lasting impression that will really set you apart from your competitors.

First impressions do after all count, and in many cases you will only have one chance to wow. Your brand will have been designed to satisfy your customers and complement your products or services, so use this in your building too, both inside and out. Invest in branded signage, whilst using your company colours to make every room personal to your organisation.

Don’t put your business at risk

As well as upgrading the physical appearance of your building, enhancing some of its features is important too. In today’s world, businesses are regularly targeted by criminals so put security at the top of agenda. CCTV, outdoor lighting, anti-climb fencing and key card access are just some of the features that can be incorporated to keep your property secure, your employees safe and your assets protected.

Complete all-year round maintenance

There is simply no point spending thousands on renovations if no time is spent maintaining them. Renovations to both the inside and outside of your building are an investment that needs to be nurtured so introduce a year-round maintenance regime to keep your appearance up to scratch.

Add a few extras

You don’t have to complete extensive works to enhance your building’s appearance, often it’s the little things that make a big difference. Our canopies and walkways are one affordable option that can transform the appearance of a commercial property. Whether you opt for fixed or freestanding, our canopies can be incorporated in a number of locations and environments offering an instant facelift without any disruption.

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