Marden school

Marden school

Many schools come to us with the problem of inadequate space at lunch time or inadequate teaching space. And just like Marden School, located in North Shields, they had the same problem. They came to us wanting an area which will accommodate for extra pupils at lunch time. The design we created could be easily converted into an outdoor teaching area, dining area or shelter for any other facilities and after school clubs.


The shelter is connected to electricity and has internal lighting, which will be ideal for the dark winter months. The bespoke canopy is made up from a main frame, aluminum frame and toughened shatter proof glass. It is also fitted with large doors and fire alarms in case of the unlikely case of a fire. Enabling pupils to enjoy the outdoor life while learning and eating with friends without any worry.

outdoor teaching area

The benefits of an outdoor teaching area

Teaching outside is a great way to enhance pupils learning. As it is an exciting and new environment to learn in. It will increase the pupil’s attention span, enabling a better quality of teaching and learning. Teaching outside will also increase the imagination and the development of children’s exposure to new and exciting opportunities.


The benefits of dining outside

Eating outside can have huge benefits to the pupil’s stress level, creativity and thinking. This is due to having a break from the place where pupils are consistently learning. This will enable them to re-balance their mind and help with their productivity for the rest of the day.


Financial benefits

Extending a building within the school can be costly and time consuming. Yet, with our outdoor dining and teaching spaces, it is easy to install, competitive pricing and quicker than a brick extension to the school.


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