Putting Children Back on Pedals with Miko Cycling Services

Putting Children Back on Pedals with Miko Cycling Services

On your morning commute into work today, or doing the school run, out of interest how many people did you see travelling by bike? Chances are less likely than how many cars were on the road, or even people walking for that matter. Cycling is proven to have fantastic benefits on both our physical and mental health, including increased muscle strength and flexibility, improve posture and coordination, decrease body fat, reduce stress and anxiety – to name a few. But did you know that in England, under 3% of children between the ages of five to sixteen cycle to school, with more than a third of them commuting by car. This is a seriously disappointing statistic but when compared to the 40% of Dutch children who travel by bike – it’s all the more staggering! And to add that in Denmark’s second city, Odense – 81% of pupils cycle to school.

Something has to be done to initiate our children of the future to take more consideration of their health, and to learn about the benefits that cycling your journey to and from school can have on your general health. We have cycle lanes in place, the correct safety gear available in local stores and safety procedures are put in place on our public roads so there is no reason to not get more active and encourage your children to swap the car for your pedals. Here at Miko we have a range of bicycle storage solutions that are perfect for your child’s school, or even at home, to ensure that your equipment is safe and secure when not in use. Read on to find out what we can offer you…


Our Services


Cycle Shelters

We offer state-of-the-art cycle shelters facilities to ensure that your bicycle is stored safe and securely, ultimately encouraging young ones to kitck-start a more active lifestyle and take their bike to school rather than rely on public transport or a lift off Mum or Dad. Whether you are interested in supplying a traditional, contemporary cycle shelter for the use of the children in your local school, or you wish to design a personal bespoke solution to improve interest and engagement – Miko would be more than happy to help.


Cycle Compounds

Our cycle compounds offer a totally secure and lockable cycle solution to ensure that your children’s equipment is safe when not in use. The cycle compounds can be designed to hold a certain number of bikes and can be fitted with cycle racks and gates. If this is a service that you would be interested in then please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can design, manufacture and install your cycle compound and provide additional safety features such as lighting and CCTV.


Cycle Lockers

Our range of cycle lockers are manufactured from 1.2mm and 1.5mm galvanised steel and can be powder coated to fit the theme of your building, yard or business colour palette. To check out our range of cycle lockers head to our website for solutions such as horizontal bike lockers, helmet lockers and many more.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any of the safety solutions that we have talked about today then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas and receive a quote. We would love to see the statistics of the number of young children who cycle to school in England increase over time and we ensure that with our services and products, your child’s equipment will be stored safely and securely while not in use, so there really is no excuse!

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