Our Work Doesn’t Stop in the Winter!

Our Work Doesn’t Stop in the Winter!

With the winter months well underway, public and private sector organisations everywhere will be thinking about the improvements they can make to their premises come the New Year. Whilst we’ve always been an impatient bunch, when it comes to the manufacture and fitting of outdoor engineering solutions, why wait?

This season is the perfect time to think about the fittings and fixtures you’d like to implement across your site, and get work underway by contacting a renowned street furniture supplier such as ourselves. In this blog entry, we reveal just why the Miko team should be called upon sooner rather than later, whatever the weather, to get upgrades started.

Our outdoor engineering solutions

For us, work doesn’t stop come the winter months and during this time we have helped thousands of clients find the shelter solutions they need to put their best foot and face forward in their target market. We deliver a number of standard and bespoke options for customers from all walks of life, with our 25 years of experience within the business leading to the design, manufacture and installation of various products. Our canopies and walkways are particularly popular additions and ensure premises of all sizes and uses can be upgraded cost effectively, conveniently and safely.

The perfect time to upgrade

For schools and other educational establishments, the Christmas holidays is often one of the only times improvements can be made to their premises, and you’ll be glad to know that we are on hand to make your dream upgrades a reality. We can work with you one-on-one to ensure waiting shelters, bike sheds and school canopies can be designed and fitted before your pupils arrive back in the classroom in the New Year. In addition to delivering a range of standard products, our bespoke service ensures a product of your choice can be devised, made and installed to complement the wider environment. Shelters can even be personalised by the school children to ensure any furniture additions are interesting and creative.

Why Miko?

With years of experience and a fully comprehensive service just waiting to be called upon, Miko Shelter Solutions is the number one provider of street furniture and covered walkways. We have worked with organisations from multiple industries to ensure the rewards that go hand-in-hand with our products can be reaped by all.

As well as being a family run company and a firm believer in offering an honest and professional service, we stick by our motto of ‘anything is possible’ to make the design and manufacture of high quality street furniture and shelters attainable.

Contact our team today on 0191 428 0452 to discover more about how we can help you this winter and beyond!

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