How to Stay Safe When Cycling to Work or Pedalling for Pleasure

How to Stay Safe When Cycling to Work or Pedalling for Pleasure

Since the Olympic Games took pride of place in our capital city of London back in 2012, the whole of Britain have been showing a sportier side to their personas with people of all ages making an extra effort to keep fit. Cycling is one such sport that has seen a considerable boost in popularity and more and more people are taking to cycle paths and parks to pedal their way to an active lifestyle and environmentally friendly way of travelling through congested cities and towns. But how can we ensure that safety is of utmost importance when enjoying cycling for school, work or pleasure?

Cycling in full safety is essential for everyone and whether you are three or 33 years of age, it’s important that you take in all the benefits of riding a bicycle regularly without losing sight and knowing how to overcome the risks.

Whatever time of day you are cycling, visibility is key. Make sure you dress for safety and remain visible to not only other road users but pedestrians too. Opt for fluorescent clothing, especially in poor lighting conditions, and always take reflective gear with you on your leisurely bike rides or journeys to work so you never get caught out and remain visible after dark. Make sure your bicycle is fully kitted out with lights that work, these should be switched on after dark or when the weather has taken a turn for the worst.

As well as wearing bright clothing, make sure a helmet is always a cycling accessory, after all if you are involved in an accident this light piece of headwear could just save your life. Ensure your helmet is fastened, sits level on your head and fits snugly for full comfort and protection.

When it comes to cycling on the roads and using designated cycle paths, make sure you keep a distant from the kerb where possible. Leave enough space between you and the kerb, as well as your bike and passing traffic for ultimate safety. Ensure you make eye contact with drivers to make them aware that you are around, learn how to clearly communicate with other road users and make your intentions clear with concise signaling. Never use mod cons on your trip, your headphones and mobile phones are the ultimate distraction.

Store your bike safely too by making use of cycle shelters and street furniture, and remember a sturdy bike lock can be used to secure your bicycle in almost any location. Make sure all cycle shelters are fully operational, especially in public areas, where damaged shelters become easy targets for thieves.

Cycling is a fun activity for all the family and is the cheapest way to travel when it comes to getting to work or school, but being clued up on these safety tips means you can avoid the risks and go about your day the eco-way.

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