Why Should I Install an Entrance Canopy at My Property?

Why Should I Install an Entrance Canopy at My Property?

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Making sure your commercial building makes the right impression to not just visiting customers and clients but your wider workforce and the general public is important. Whilst many upgrades cost a lot of money and take even more time to complete, resulting in disruption for your business, there are some upgrades that can instantly transform a building with minimal downtime.

The addition of an entrance canopy is one such upgrade and commercial properties and public buildings (such as schools and hospitals) up and down the country are transforming the exterior aesthetics of their premises with this nifty and affordable solution. Here we reveal why you should invest in the design, manufacture and installation of an entrance canopy for your building.

Boost the curb appeal of your property

How your organisation looks on the outside is just as important as running a tight ship within your company, and putting your best face forward with a new look entrance can make all the difference. As well as investing in the curb appeal of your property, a more professional looking entrance can give you the business boost that you need within your target market putting forward a more reputable and trustworthy brand to potential customers.

Access bespoke design

Here at Miko Shelter Solutions, we understand that when it comes to entrance canopies and other covered walkway installations, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. In addition to our range of standard entrance canopies, we also provide a bespoke design service so you can add a unique finish to your commercial premises. You can also select whether you would like your specially designed canopy suspended or wall mounted.

As part of our design service, your organisation’s colours, logo and other branding can be incorporated into the design so you can add extra appeal and market your business continuously to passers-by.

Add extra impact

Whilst doorway canopies can make fitting additions to schools and smaller scale commercial buildings, those looking for added impact needn’t look very far. We also offer a vast selection of large entrance canopies, which can be suspended or wall mounted depending on your specification. Despite the size of these structures, installation is easier than you think and the finished product can house up to five vehicles as well as keep goods and users protected from the weather during loading and unloading.

Are you looking to add an entrance canopy to your private or public building? Contact Miko Shelter Solutions today on 0191 428 0452 to find out more.

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