Your Guide to Obtaining Cycle Storage Funding

Your Guide to Obtaining Cycle Storage Funding

For schools across the country looking to improve their facilities on-site, the addition of cycle storage offers a number of advantages for both student and staff member. As well as encouraging children and teachers to cycle to school, and in turn providing a helping hand to the environment and an essential boost to health and well-being, adding bike sheds or shelters to the school premises can also transform the look, feel and purpose of the grounds. However, with funding in schools already stretched to the limit, you may think you don’t have the resources to make cycle storage installation your next upgrade.

As one of the UK’s leading street furniture suppliers, we design and manufacture a range of shelter solutions for schools, including cycle storage facilities. As part of our service, which takes customers from concept to completion, we actively advise on school funding for cycle storage and support those looking to obtain it throughout the application process. Here we provide an essential guide to cycle storage funding so you can become one step closer to the design, manufacture and installation of your own school bike shed or shelter.

About cycle storage funding

Launched in 2003, the Government’s capital grant scheme enables schools across the country to gain access to the funding they need for the addition of cycle storage. The initiative was introduced to reduce the number of cars on the road and instead encourage pupils to make the journey to and from school by bike.

Who is eligible?

Each and every school in England can access support via the capital grant scheme, and as well as providing funding for the installation of bike sheds and bike shelters, you can also fund the design, manufacture and fitting of other street furniture essentials such as canopies and walkways, waiting shelters and storage lockers.

The level of funding accessible does vary depending on whether you are a primary or secondary school. Primary schools can receive grants of up to £3,570 whilst secondary schools can access up to £5,000 of funding under the initiative. Both primary and secondary schools can also receive an additional £5 per pupil.

How can I apply?

To obtain funding, both primary and secondary schools must devise and implement a school travel plan (STP) and a number of criteria must be met to ensure you qualify. Every application should contain an introduction to provide basic information about the school, its staff and pupils, a school statement, which should include travel issues and needs, and survey details. A detailed action plan should also be included as part of your application.

Your school travel plan will also be monitored across a series of dates to assess your eligibility.

For further information regarding how you can access school funding for cycle storage click here or alternatively contact our team on 0191 428 0452.

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