Junction Farm

Junction Farm

Junction Farm
June 26, 2019

Miko Engineering gave us the answers to our Travel Plan needs in terms of cycle and scooter storage. They were, at every stage, responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. They did the work better than asked, on the dates booked and completed every part of the contract and more.

Two of our School Councillors joined me in selecting the company from three that visited our site. Ian from Miko Shelter Solutions impressed the children and me when he came round. He didn’t force an answer on us but gave options and ideas and a very, very good price.
He helped me work out where to fit it and came up with better solutions than I had.

The work was all exactly to budget (and how often can we say that?)


“I heartily recommend Miko Shelter Solutions – they have been like Ronseal, and done exactly what they said on the tin!”


The effect was incredible – from the very first day – before any official opening or letter home – the cycle shelter and the scooter rack were full. The helmet lockers that we had installed as part of the job are making helmet wearing easy and accepted and expected. Parents are happy to see them and the kids don’t mind – the lockers carry a bit of credibility. So successful, in fact, that we have ordered and had installed a second scooter rack. And guess! it’s full too!
Our school was asked to make a presentation to the Local Authority about our Travel Plan, and the consultation within it. Councillors were very interested to hear how we had chosen our supplier and liked what they saw in the photos.



Stuart Jones, Headteacher

Junction Farm Primary School

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