Waiting Shelters at School

Waiting Shelters at School

Waiting Shelters at School: How Your School Can Benefit

Waiting shelters are often found in school playgrounds, and they can be very useful features. Often they are thought of as having just one function, but actually there are a huge number of benefits that schools can get from erecting high-quality waiting shelters in their playgrounds. Here are a few of the most important.

Encourage Exercise

One of the main benefits of erecting waiting shelters outside school buildings it that it can help to encourage more exercise for both the pupils and their parents. There are two key ways that the shelters accomplish this.

Firstly, parents are more likely to walk with their children to school if they know that they have somewhere when they arrive that is protected from the elements and provides a good area to socialise with the other parents.

Secondly, waiting shelters can also double up as bike shelters. This can encourage more pupils to ride into school knowing that they can store their bikes safely and securely during the day.

Both of these will help to encourage more people to walk and cycle rather than take their cars into school, and this will help to keep both pupils and their parents fit and healthy.

Improve the Ambience

Waiting shelters can be custom designed to fit into the surroundings of the school, and they can become unique and attractive features in their own right. They can be designed using the school’s logo or colours, and they can become a source of pride for the pupils and teachers. They can also help to simply brighten up otherwise dull areas to make them more inspiring for the children.

Encourage Socialising

Due to the bad weather, socialising between parents and children is often difficult. However, with somewhere dry outside, parents can socialise with other parents when they arrive to pick up their children, and the pupils can also socialise when they are waiting outside.

Hold Outside Functions

Some waiting shelters are very large, and this means that they can be used for functions outside. This could include fundraising events or book sales, and it is useful for the schools to know that they will have at least one dry area if the weather is bad. With the average shelter being able to provide shelter for about 30 people, it could provide the perfect area for any outside events.

Provide an Innovative Teaching Area

Another great use of waiting shelters in schools is as outdoor classrooms. Sometimes teachers want to take the pupils out of the building into a more interesting and inspirational environment. If it is raining or the sun is too hot, a waiting shelter can be used as the ideal outside classroom.

Consider a Waiting Shelter for Your School

If you like the sound of waiting shelters for your school, why not give it some serious consideration? There are lots of excellent benefits to be had by erecting a waiting area in your school grounds, so start giving it some more thought and soon you could have your own shelter for all of the parents, teachers and pupils to enjoy.

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