Runnymede Campus, Magna Carta

Case study: Runnymede Campus, Magna Carta

Miko Engineering manufactured and installed ten bespoke entrance canopies and communal letter-box housings for Graham Construction at the Runnymede Campus at Magna Carta Park back in 2018. The bespoke canopies were manufactured from marine grade plywood, complete with folded mild steel to enclose the structure. The roof of each entrance canopy was waterproofed with a fibreglass membrane and internal guttering.

Miko worked closely with the architects’ design specification, including elements such as panel gaps to allow for lighting. The canopies were etched primed, and powder coated to match the colour of existing steelwork and window frames on the project.

The letterbox housings were also manufactured from mild steel sheets and folded to accommodate individual post slots. The letterboxes also included lettering, which was lasered and then incorporated into the design, again allowing for internal lighting.

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