Cycle Storage

Bike & Cycle Shelters

Here at Miko, we offer an extensive range of cycle shelters. We mainly operate with schools, but we also provide bike shelter services to public service buildings such as hospitals, offices. We like to make sure that the staff and visitors alike feel safe about leaving their bike in one of our shelters.


Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary addition to the outside of your building, our engineering experts at Miko can help to assist you with a bike shelter that is designed enhance its surrounding environment.


We are passionate that our products provide an excellent opportunity for workers and pupils from offices, schools, and hospitals everywhere to kick-start a balanced lifestyle. Start inspiring your workforce by installing a Miko Bike & Cycle Shelter today!

Cycle Compounds 

Our cycle compounds are both secure with gates that can be locked, so your compound can’t be used as a place of gathering and can store as many bikes are you may need.


If you design a cycle compound with Miko you have peace of mind knowing our compounds have 360 degree visibility. If this isn’t enough, you can also add extras such as lights and CCTV.


Discover your very own one-of-a-kind product by contacting Miko Engineering.

Cycle Lockers

Our lockers can be created for a number of functions whether it be to store bikes, motorbikes, playground equipment or toys.


We have various designs you can choose from or have a bespoke design created just for you! Your lockers can be vibrant or traditional, vertical or horizontal, just let us know what you are looking for and we can design it for you.

Cycle Racks

Our experienced engineers at Miko, have over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing cycle racks.


You can have standalone cycle racks or racks that form part of a compound you are designing.


All of our compounds are customisable for your surrounding whether it be a school, office or public space. Take a look at our recent designs and their features.

Scooter Racks


Our scooter racks are high quality products that can be personalised to suit your needs and commercial space.


We currently have 2 styles of scooter racks, which are dependant on who your target user may be.


Our ‘Miko’ scooter rack is the perfect addition to our Alnwick cycle shelter – it can be added to the side for a small additional cost, making it perfect for Primary School use.