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We provide bike storage solutions for a wide range of environments, whether it’s providing office and school cycle shelters or catering to public buildings, such as hospitals. Secure cycle storage is a great benefit to provide to students, staff and visitors, allowing them to have access to safe and secure bike storage facilities whilst protecting their cycle equipment from the extremes of the great British weather! We have a comprehensive range of bike & cycle shelter products available, with design options that are sure to complement the surrounding environment. For example, we offer robust enclosed cycle lockers for maximum security as well as cycle racks for a simplistic, space-efficient solution. We can also produce wooden bike sheds and a range of other bike storage sheds. Our engineering experts are on hand to assist you with a bike shelter that is suited to your needs.

Why Are Cycle Storage Facilities Important? 

We’ve seen an increase in demand for communal bike storage due to many people turning towards a greener lifestyle. More consideration is being given to our personal carbon footprints and the small changes we can make to reduce our contributions – including commuting to work or school. By introducing dedicated cycle storage to your premises, you can enhance the appeal of the environment by reducing the number of bikes attached to railings or trees. Not only this, but you are giving people more choice as to how they travel. 

Miko Engineering’s cost effective cycle storage create an excellent opportunity for workers and pupils from offices, schools, and hospitals everywhere to kick-start a balanced lifestyle with secure storage facilities that in turn promote bicycle usage. Find out more about The Importance Of Secure Cycle Storage today!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How should bicycles be stored?

All bikes should be stored safely and tied securely up to whatever cycle storage facility is available. Some cyclists will also choose to ensure that their bicycles are stored under shelter to protect them from weather elements however this is not always possible as some cycle storage facilities, such as cycle racks, are simply there to secure bikes.

Can bikes be stored vertically?

Bicycles can be stored vertically when being stored in a garage or in a room. When storing bikes in shared cycle storage facilities, it is important that they are stored horizontally in order to maximise the number of bicycles that can be securely stored.

What is the most efficient way to store multiple bikes?

In order to store multiple bicycles efficiently, they must all be securely locked into the cycle storage facility. This is so they are stored upright, maximising the amount of space available for as many bikes as possible. Bike racks are a common bike storage solution for storing multiple bikes however bike storage sheds are just as effective.

About Miko Engineering

Miko Engineering Ltd are a family run business with over 25 years experience in the fabrication and street furniture industry. Our aim is to provide a range of quality commercial canopies, walkways, cycle shelters and street furniture which are designed to help improve your outdoor space, allowing you to use it more effectively. Miko Engineering’s products are professionally and safely installed by one of our in-house installation teams, including the groundworks, electrical installation and final touches. Miko have manufactured and installed thousands of our products across the UK, with a strong repeat customer base who require a reliable and cost effective all-in-one package.

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