Scooter Racks

Scooter Racks

Miko Engineering has a range of high quality scooter racks. The steel frames of our scooter racks make them weather resistant and durable, along with helping them to withstand general day to day wear and tear. All scooters racks at Miko Engineering are manufactured and installed by high-quality engineers who ensure upon installation, our scooters racks will not only last but will also provide our clients with a safe and secure storage space. 

Scooter racks for schools


Scootering has become an increasingly popular mode of transportation for young children travelling to and from school. Installing scooter racks will help to encourage this, and forces children to be responsible with their property, promoting an active and responsible lifestyle. A scooter rack will also help to keep the area clutter free! 

Scooter storage racks


Our scooter storage racks make the perfect outdoor addition to swimming pools, sport venues, shopping centers, and more! Our scooter storage racks accommodate numerous scooter models and are the perfect addition to any of our cycle shelters.

What are the benefits of scooter racks?


The installation of scooter racks comes with a number of benefits:

  • They offer secure storage
  • They help to keep areas safe and clutter free, 
  • They also encourage people to travel via scooter to places such as school, the shops or swimming pools which of course is environmentally friendly and encourages exercise. 

Why choose Miko to install your scooter storage rack?


Our scooter racks are made to fit all shapes and sizes, from children’s scooters to electric scooters. They are designed to blend in seamlessly to their surroundings, making them the perfect functional installation to any environment. Miko has worked with a range of different clients, installing safe and secure, scooter racks, cycle shelters plus more! Check out our Case Studies to see what we’ve done for previous clients and what we could potentially do for you!