Commercial Canopies


Canopies are a great way for your business to make the most of your outdoor space. Whether it’s offering more learning space for schools and universities, or seating areas for retail businesses, there are a variety of different types of outdoor canopies that can be designed and adapted to fit the needs of your business.  

With Miko Engineering, you can create a beautiful outdoor space using a range of commercial canopy designs. We can also manufacture bespoke canopies with unlimited design possibilities. Our most popular designs include our Mono-pitched Canopy and our Wave Canopy. We can incorporate these designs as either covered walkways, or entrance canopies or any of our bespoke canopy designs.

Benefits of Commercial Canopies For Your Outdoor Space

Miko Engineering’s canopies incorporate everything that you need to create a usable, sheltered and aesthetic outdoor space. Outdoor commercial canopies provide shelter which is which allows for all kinds of weather protection all year round. This is particularly useful in the winter months with heavy rain and snowfall. It can also be useful in the summer months too as outdoor canopies will also provide shade which can protect against harmful uv rays when it is hot and sunny.

Why Choose Miko Engineering For An Outdoor Canopies?

All of our covered walkways and entrance canopies are manufactured from certified British Steel and adhere to the highest quality control and safety measures. All of our steelwork is Galvanized and then powder coated in any standard RAL colour, giving us the ability to offer a wider range of colours compared to our competitors. The end result is a beautifully manufactured and safe canopy

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What do outdoor canopies do to a business or school’s outdoor space?

Outdoor canopies allow for businesses and schools to maximise the outdoor area outside of their main building. This provides a sheltered area for congregation which can protect from extreme weather elements as well as an additional aesthetic feature to any building.

How are commercial canopies different from awnings?

Commercial canopies are different from awnings as the canopies are generally made from a metal or steel structure whilst awnings can often be made from a fabric material. You are more likely to see awnings outside restaurants and cafes whereas commercial canopies may be seen outside a school, office building or other commercial property. 

About Miko Engineering

Miko Engineering Ltd are a family run business with over 25 years experience in the fabrication and street furniture industry. Our aim is to provide a range of quality commercial canopies, walkways, cycle shelters and street furniture which are designed to help improve your outdoor space, allowing you to use it more effectively. Miko Engineering’s products are professionally and safely installed by one of our in-house installation teams, including the groundworks, electrical installation and final touches. Miko have manufactured and installed thousands of our products across the UK, with a strong repeat customer base who require a reliable and cost effective all-in-one package.

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