Canopies are a great way for your business to make the most of your outdoor space. There are many different ways you can use your outdoor space.


Covered Walkways

From our covered walkways, which are great for companies with multiple buildings or a school to connect one building to another while being covered from the weather.


Entrance canopies

Alternatively, an entrance canopy can be perfect to open up your business, making it look more inviting. It is also a practical investment, being able to shelter from the weather. If you are a shop, then you could use this outdoor space for extra room to display your content.


Shade Sail Canopies

Shade sail canopies are ideal for the summer yet they can be great for rain protection too. Outside space is a great environment for learning in or for having your lunch break. So why not invest in a freestanding sun canopy. They will provide protection from potentially harmful UVA/UVB rays and rain.


Teaching & Play Canopies

If you are a school, the outdoor space is crucial, therefore we have created a number of outdoor teaching canopies. This will help teaching and learning a more exciting place for pupils. You can choose which colour and size will fit your school, incorporating the colour of the brand with the teaching canopy.


Timber Canopies

Our canopies can be made from materials which will suit your needs and branding. Our recent projects are timber canopies. They are environmentally friendly and look great on old and new structures.


All of our canopies can be bespoke made, fitting perfectly into any space for your business. We will design them to stay in style with your company and branding. We can put any branding on the products, to create a complete look for your business.

Bespoke Covered Canopies and Walkways