Covered Walkways

Miko Shelter Solutions specialise in a range of standard and bespoke covered walkways to satisfy the needs of your commercial, public sector or industrial premises. As well as enhancing the overall curb appeal of your property with a distinctive and elegant upgrade, a covered walkway can create that all-important outdoor protection for staff members, clients and visitors, come rain or shine.

As the UK’s leading covered walkways manufacturer, our entrance canopies and covered walkways have given businesses across all sectors the makeover their structure needs without the need for costly and disruptive relocation.

Bespoke Covered Walkways and Canopies

As well as offering a range of standard products, Miko Engineering provides a range of made to measure alternatives for clients looking for a finish that is unique to them. Our seasoned engineering experts ensure that you have everything you desire courtesy of our bespoke design service.
At our head office in Jarrow, Tyne & Wear, we have all the expertise and covered walkway system knowledge we need to craft a custom-made covered walkway that is specifically built for you. Our design specialists and installation experts are also on hand to ensure your Miko product exceeds expectation, as well as our rigorously high standards, with an on-site survey.

Popular Covered Walkway Designs

Wave Covered Walkways

The ‘Wave Covered Walkway’ is another very popular style. A similar design to our Curved Walkway but with a more elaborate twist for that extra unique factor. Sizes, materials and finish are the same high standards used for our Curved Walkway. If, however you want to include some personalised touches to the canopy, Miko is able to incorporate those into the design and manufacture.

Curved Covered Walkways

The most popular covered walkway in our range is the ‘Curved Walkway’, the simplistic and robust the design is a combination of quality, durability and it is an affordable covered walkway cost.

Other covered walkways/canopies options include:

  • Pitched roof canopies
  • Freestanding canopies
  • Flat roof canopies
  • Wall fixed canopies
  • Bespoke architectural designs

Specifications & Pricing


Manufactured from mild steel in a range of circular, rectangular and square hollow section means that each walkway can be customised. The roof can be clad in a range of materials, using multiwall polycarbonate gives an opaque finish, allowing sunlight through but stopping any direct UV. Other roof cladding, such as toughened laminated glass is also available to add a special touch. Each walkway cover is then fitted with an aluminium gutter or PVC gutter.


All the covered walkway canopies are checked by our structural engineer prior to manufacturing for extra assurance for your clients, staff or pupils. The walkways are then inspected and pre-assembled before going away to be galvanized and powder coated. We are able to powder coat to any RAL colour, or even use a range of colours for a unique finish. These treatments stop the mild steel from corrosion and rust and improve the lifespan of our products.


Our walkway covers and canopies are designed and manufactured to fit all projects.


Our beautifully designed covered walkways are created to your exact specification. This means that there is no one price fits all approach when it comes to our pricing. However, you can expect pricing to start from £1750

Easy Installation

The easy-to-integrate fixed and free-standing products found at Miko Shelter Solutions offer a range of finishes and engineering extras to ensure the quality of your new addition is second-to-none.

Free Site Surveys

We offer free site surveys in order to accurately measure the size of the walkway required. If you would like any more information on our covered walkways please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0191 428 0452 or email;

Covered Walkway Benefits

Covered walkways and canopies can provide a number of benefits to your school, business or home. Including:

  • Offer protection for students, visitors and staff from the weather when walking between buildings
  • Offer protection for parents of students in car parks and school entrances when waiting for their children
  • Provide pathways between buildings and outdoor facilities or shelters
  • Can be used as waiting areas for visitors, pupils and staff


Schools and business alike can harness our full design and manufacture service to find the perfect solution for their premises. With our covered walkways for schools being the most popular in this sector, helping pupils get from A to B in a safe manner as well as being sheltered. Whether you wish to enhance your property with a sun canopy, bespoke covered walkway or cycle shelter, you can trust Miko to find a product that complements your commercial environment as well as your company’s changing needs.