Covered Walkways


Covered Walkways For Businesses And Schools


Covered walkways and canopies are beneficial to any business, as they provide you with protection from the elements. Having your walkways covered means that you won’t have to run from building to building during downpours of rain in cold weather, and you will no longer get battered by wind, or slip on potentially dangerous ice and snow. Not only this, but covered walkways can improve not just the overall appearance of your building but also accessibility and safety for your employees and customers, making them a valuable addition to existing buildings.

Miko Shelter Solutions specialise in a range of standard and bespoke covered walkways to satisfy the needs of your commercial, public sector or industrial premises which can range from a local school, to offices, garden centres and more. As well as enhancing the overall curb appeal of your property with a distinctive and elegant upgrade, a covered walkway can create that all-important outdoor protection for staff members, clients and visitors, come rain or shine.

We can install free-standing or wall-mounted walkways depending on your requirements and have a number of different covered walkways available to suit your requirements, ranging from contemporary to classic styles in a mixture of materials.

What are the benefits of having a covered walkway?

Safety isn’t compromised.

Rushing to get in from the rain or snow is understandable, however, if the ground underfoot is slippery then accidents can happen. With covered walkways, this risk is minimised. For people with limited mobility, covered walkways also offer protection from obstacles such as tree roots or uneven pavement that can pose a hazard. 

All-weather solution

While the weather shouldn’t play too much on our mood, we are no strangers to a downpour of rain in the UK. Taking visitors or your staff between buildings on a soaking wet day is not only slightly awkward but for them, it probably isn’t the best experience of your premises. A covered walkway provides year round weather protection for your building’s visitors.

Defined passageway 

Walking canopies are a defined passageway for staff and visitors who may not be as familiar with the layout of your property. It is a great way to aid directions between a reception, car park or other areas of the premises.

Design-forward approach

Having design flexibility when creating your covered walkway canopy is a great way to spruce up an area to increase the aesthetics of your property and a new lease of life can improve the well-being of your employees, pupils, or visitors. Stylish covered walkways not only extend your building and give extra use of your outdoor space but they are often a very pragmatic feature which can provide much needed weather protection.

Why choose Miko to install your covered walkways? 

Miko Shelter Solutions are the experts in covered walkways and canopies. We have worked with schools, universities, healthcare providers, and businesses for over 25 years. Our passion is delighting our customers and helping them to improve their outdoor space.

We fit walkway systems without major disruption to your business. Our designers and engineers will provide you with fantastic covered walkway systems completed in a timely manner and leave no trace behind us. 

We can complete an installation during normal business hours or term time and work with you so as to cause minimal disruption when installing the walkway canopies.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main function of a covered walkway?

The main function of a covered walkway is to provide structured shelter to a walkway or path outside of leading into a building. Covered walkways can also be used to connect different smaller buildings together and therefore making a larger building space. 

Why do schools and offices get covered walkways installed?

Covered walkways are popular with schools and offices with large outdoor spaces as they often improve the aesthetic of the main building, give additional use of their outdoor space and provide shelter from harsh weather conditions for those entering/exiting the building.

Does a covered walkway add value to a building?

Covered walkways most definitely do add value to a building. They are often seen as an extension of a building whilst giving the surrounding area outside of a building additional use and purpose. Covered walkways can also connect different parts of buildings together, essentially joining the buildings together. This does increase a building’s value.