Street Furniture

Street furniture can play a large part in how people interact with public spaces, in your school, business park, or other commercial space. By having high quality street furnishings such as outdoor benches, bollards, and litter bins, just to name a few, your outdoor space will be greatly enhanced.

Miko Engineering’s street furniture range is a small but important part of our product range. Our bins, benches, cycle hoops and more all offer the same degree of quality that you would find from our larger products. One of our most popular products in our street furniture range is the ‘Vitality Bench’, which was designed alongside Newcastle University to offer an ergonomic solution for the eldery and visually impaired. As mentioned throughout our product range, Miko Engineering’s flexibility in manufacturing capabilities gives us a competitive edge.

What are the benefits of street furniture?


  • Reducing street littering by installing litter bins. A litter bin does not have to be a boring necessary object, there is a large range of products in Miko’s street furniture portfolio.
  • Bring more life to a business park by having benches, shelters and planters.
  • Variety of designs. Decide on your outdoor theme, you can choose a more urban design with stainless steel and mixed metal, or a more traditional incorporating high quality wood.
  • Improving street life. Furniture aids to the overall experience of the outdoor space. Having the option to have lunch outside or a seating area makes it a more welcome area. 
  • Soften security with bollards. Control vehicle movement on pavements or other areas with trendy bollards as opposed to harsher security methods.
  • Street furniture products are affordable ways to enhance outdoor spaces. 
  • As a street furniture supplier, we help the visions of landscape architects come to life.

Why choose Miko to install your street furniture?


Miko Engineering is your street furniture UK supplier of choice. We design, manufacture and install street furniture in public spaces, car parks, and commercial premises. We offer a wide range of street furniture products and can also offer bespoke design solutions. We have been street furniture suppliers to commercial and public spaces for over 25 years. By introducing street furniture manufacturers to your outdoor space, you will deliver high quality aesthetics and help to make your outdoor space fit for all purposes.

About Miko Engineering

Miko Engineering Ltd are a family run business with over 25 years experience in the fabrication and street furniture industry. Our aim is to provide a range of quality commercial canopies, walkways, cycle shelters and street furniture which are designed to help improve your outdoor space, allowing you to use it more effectively. Miko Engineering’s products are professionally and safely installed by one of our in-house installation teams, including the groundworks, electrical installation and final touches. Miko have manufactured and installed thousands of our products across the UK, with a strong repeat customer base who require a reliable and cost effective all-in-one package.

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