Street Furniture


With over 30 years in the street furniture manufacturing industry, Miko Shelter Solutions certainly know a thing or two about street furniture products that are made to last. Our high-quality range of bespoke and standard outdoor furnishings have provided a number of premises, both old and new, across multiple sectors with the solutions that they need to upgrade their commercial facilities.

It’s not just the manufacturing sector in which we excel, as one of the UK’s most respected street furniture manufacturers we pride ourselves on delivering a unique, all-round service to our clients to ensure each finished product goes above and beyond their specification and expectations. We have been designing and manufacturing furniture since our family firm was established and continue to go from strength-to-strength in order to provide a dedicated service from start to finish.


Here at Miko Engineering, we offer an extensive range of street furniture to suit your needs. One of our most popular street furniture solutions is our range of benches. The team at Miko can manufacture a wide range of fabricated steel benches to accompany any architectural situation and current landscape design. We will always take into consideration the landscape design and client preference before designing the bench , and if you have a colour preference then our team will be able to powder coat the bench you have in mind.  Our benches work really well in all areas, especially schools, parks, hospitals and any other commercial and even non commercial areas.

Outdoor Bins 

We provide a wide range of outdoor bins such as litter bins and waste bins, suitable for all outdoor uses. Here at Miko, we take time to make sure all our street furniture solutions are made to the highest standard, and they are very robust. If you would like your waste bin to match any other part of your outdoor furniture range then we can powder coat your litter bin to match anything else we have produced.

Picnic Tables

If you’re thinking about investing in some outdoor picnic furniture, then look no further – the team at Miko have got you covered! We create a range of picnic tables to suit almost any application and environment. Our wooden picnic tables come from responsible sources, we also ensure they fit in with any landscapes. Our wooden picnic tables are great in school playgrounds, pubs and restaurants and even business social areas.

Bollards and Barriers


Here at Miko, we can provide a wide range of stylish and modern looking bollards, suitable for any environment. Whether you’re looking for stainless steel, wooden or plain steel bollards – we can help! Miko has supplied hundreds of bollards across the UK, and have experience in static bollards, telescopic and removable bollards.


Our planters are both equally aesthetically pleasing and highly practical! Corten planters are the most popular products from our range and they fit in perfectly with commercial and retail developments. We are even able to powder coat your planters so you can have a unique colour to each one. If you have a design or look in mind, make sure you get in touch and we can assist you!  


Our customisable furnishings are engineered using tough and resilient materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, concrete, timber and Polyurethane as well as being available in recycled plastic for a more sustainable option for your kerbside application. Whilst all our products are built to stand the test of time, we don’t compromise on the aesthetic appeal and functionality in the quest for a tougher design.

Our bespoke street furniture range certainly embodies our company motto “anything is possible” with a made to measure collection that goes beyond pavements and parks with previous commissions including innovative jigsaw picnic tables and benches for school children.

Discover your very own one-of-a-kind product by contacting Miko Engineering.



The street furniture suppliers here at Miko Shelter Solutions provide a long list of furnishings which can be installed and utilised at a variety of locations. From benches, bins and bollards to tables for picnicking and urban cycle shelters, each product in our extensive range is designed to serve its purpose in a seamless, sophisticated and cost-effective manner.

We deliver high-quality results for a number of commercial, industrial and community environments, and ensure your project comes in on time and on a budget to cater to your specific needs.

Make Miko Engineering your Street Furniture designer and manufacturer, and discover Street Furniture that is high quality, affordable and made to last. Contact us today on 0191 428 0452 or email