Street furniture benches are not only a practical necessity for outdoor seating, but they also add to the experience for the people using them. A street bench or park bench provides a sense of place for the public where it is acceptable to stop in the hustle and bustle of urban areas. Playground benches are extremely popular across schools due to the large amounts of free time children are encouraged to spend outdoors.

Outdoor benches for schools are one of Miko’s popular street furniture products. We have a large range of street furniture products which are just as high quality as our larger products. If your ideal seating benches are not in our product portfolio we can create bespoke solutions for your outdoor seating needs.

What are the benefits of street benches?


  • Street seating adds a sense of welcome to an outdoor space. People will tend to spend more time in spaces where there is a free bench, thus the high street and public spaces
  • Promotes equal opportunities and equality for the elderly or mobily disadvantaged. By giving those who are unable to stand for long periods of time a place to sit down, will encourage a wider range of people to spend time in your outdoor area.  
  • Encourages interaction between friends, employees, or strangers. Seating areas are a great place to strike up a conversation with friends. School outdoor benches are popular with young people to spend time socialising with each other.
  • The kerb appeal of your site will be greatly improved with the addition of street furniture. 


Why choose Miko to install your benches?


Miko Engineering is your street furniture supplier of choice. We design, manufacture and install street furniture in public spaces, car parks, and commercial premises across the United Kingdom. We offer a wide range of street furniture products including bench seating, outdoor shelters, and more. We also offer bespoke design solutions. We have been street furniture suppliers to commercial and public spaces for over 25 years. By introducing street furniture to your outdoor space, you will help to make your outdoor space fit for all purposes.