EV Canopies

With an increasing number of electric cars and vehicles on the roads it’s becoming important for businesses to ensure they’re catering to these changing habits and needs. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is both cost effective and sustainable, offering a safe and dry area to plug in electric and hybrid vehicles, electric vehicle canopies are a great addition to a number of businesses.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Vehicle Canopies?

These modern and well equipped charging facilities will help you make the most of your parking area, whilst also making a statement on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. Unlike regular petrol stations, EV charging stations can be few and far between, so installing an electric vehicle charging canopy on your premises will become invaluable.

Installing multiple electric vehicle charge points outside your business comes with a range of key benefits, we’ve pulled together just a few:

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

One of the best ways to help boost the uptake of electric cars and other vehicles, is to provide modern, well-equipped and easily accessible charging facilities. As the world moves towards a greener future these solar powered options provide clean and renewable energy which can be used on-site or to charge electric or hybrid vehicles. This helps to generate a sustainable future with an eco-friendly system for charging vehicles.

2030 Legislation: Ban On Petrol And Diesel Cars

In a huge milestone for climate action, the UK government has announced that they will ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by car manufacturers in 2030. This historic step towards net-zero will evidently see a huge rise in demand for electrical vehicles which comes with it an increased need for charging stations to help keep up with and facilitate this transition.

Read our blog on the 2030 Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars for more information.

Provides A Safe Space To Charge Electric Vehicles

EV charging canopies help to identify electric vehicle charging stations, as well providing a safe sheltered space for people to charge their electric vehicles. As well as protecting the vehicles, these canopies also offer protection with sheltered cover from the unpredictable British weather to vehicle owners whilst charging up their cars.

Potential Use For Advertising

Electric vehicle canopies will also help to increase land value and provide additional revenue opportunities. Providing options for personalised branding or advertising, along with the choice,  if you add the addition for EV charging units, to charge visitors for using the facilities. This over time will offset canopy cost all together.

Additional Features For Your EV Canopies

Miko Engineering can also offer additional features to add to your EV canopies to make them more beneficial and functional for your business.

EV Charging Points

Offering fast and hassle-free charging, installing EV charging points to your electric vehicle canopies will add value and boost their functionality.

Solar Powered

Solar powered options provide clean and renewable electricity which can be used on-site or to charge electric or hybrid vehicles. By using solar power to charge electric vehicles, natural energy is being utilised which is hugely beneficial for the environment and one of the main reasons for solar canopy installation.

Advertising Signage

Adding personalised advertising can be a great option to showcase your options to potential customers. Alternatively, you can sell advertising space to third parties to advertise their product or service. Miko are able to provide advertisement signage as part of our turnkey approach. 

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