Education >

This is Miko Engineering’s most in demand sector, including Schools, Universities and Colleges. The most popular products in this sector include; Cycle Shelter, Covered Walkways, Entrance Canopies, and Street Furniture packages.

Commercial >

The commercial sector includes both new builds and refurbishment projects. These projects normally require a complete overhaul of new products, including; Cycle Shelters, Bespoke Solutions, Street Furniture items and more.

Healthcare >

Miko Engineering have been supplying bespoke solutions to the healthcare sector for years now. The most popular product are bespoke covered walkways or building linkways. Other items such as patient and visitor shelters are also extremely popular.

Retail >

Miko Engineering bespoke manufacturing offers the perfect solution to improve any businesses front of house looks. Miko can manufacture beautiful and creative solutions to improve any business in the retail sector, helping increase footfall to your business.

Residential >

The residential sector is the newest market for Miko Engineering. Our flexible manufacturing process and dedicated design team can help you through the building requirements, planning permissions and installation, helping you improve your homes outdoor areas.

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