Picnic Tables

The word picnic comes from the French “pique-nique” and means eating outdoors. During the warmer summer months, picnics are a favourite way for us to combine our love of the outdoors and socialising. And if you’re a parent, a picnic is a cheap and fun way to keep the kids entertained whether it’s in your back garden, or when you are out and about. 

Outdoor wooden picnic tables have been a firm favourite piece of street furniture for many years. They provide a durable, easy way to sit and eat your food and come in a range of materials from wood to recycled plastic so there’s something to suit every outdoor space and budget. 

At Miko Engineering, we sell a wide range of picnic tables suitable for various environments. Our product range includes outdoor picnic tables with benches that are ideal for use outside commercial buildings and offices. We also have picnic tables for schools, colleges, universities, and other public spaces. 

Whether you need extra outdoor seating capacity for your business, shopping centre, or residential area, we have a wide range of picnic furniture at a competitive price range.

Picnic Furniture

Creating an outdoor area where your staff or pupils can eat together is a great way of getting people together to relax and socialise whilst reaping the benefits of fresh air. Outdoor picnic benches and tables and furniture provide accessible eating solutions that are versatile enough to be used for other activities such as crafts or team-building sessions. They enhance your outdoor spaces and provide a practical and more comfortable alternative to sitting on a rug on the grass. 

What Are The Benefits Of Picnic Tables?

  • Outdoor picnic tables provide additional seating capacity, especially in the warmer weather is welcomed as more people spend time outdoors. They create a comfortable place to eat and socialise outdoors that can be used all year round.
  • Improves well-being. It’s scientifically proven that fresh air and spending lunch breaks outside improve the quality of our mood so creating a space where staff or pupils can eat outdoors is likely to boost their productivity and mood for the rest of the day. 
  • Picnic tables with benches are usually made from wood, metal, or recycled plastic making them hard-wearing, easy to clean, and robust. They can be left outside all year round and be placed pretty much anywhere outdoors whether that’s in an exposed area or under the shelter of a tree or canopy.
  • Having an outdoor space with picnic furniture supports social interaction. They allow your teams or pupils to socialise, let off steam, and talk, helping to facilitate a community feel whilst benefitting from being outside and enjoying the fresh air.
  • A picnic table is more inclusive and accessible for the elderly or less mobile and provides them with a place where they can rest and recuperate as well as socialise with their friends and family outdoors.   
  • They encourage people to stay for longer. Adding a table with seats in a park or outdoor play area invites parents and carers to sit down and relax and makes them more likely to stay for longer and perhaps buy a coffee or snack.

Why choose Miko to install your outdoor tables?

Miko Engineering is your street furniture supplier of choice. We design, manufacture and install street furniture in public spaces, car parks, and commercial premises. We offer a wide range of picnic bench options at an affordable price. We have been installing street furniture products for over 25 years. By introducing tables to your outdoor space, you will deliver high quality aesthetics and help to make your space fit for all purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Picnic Tables and Benches


What is the best outdoor picnic table finish?

Picnic tables and benches are generally made from wood, metal, or plastic. Because they are outside in all weather, they need to be durable as they will be affected by moisture, sunlight, insects, and fungi. Plastic and metal require little or no maintenance other than cleaning so will be best for furniture that is in exposed areas. 

How long will a picnic table last outdoors?

With regular maintenance, a wooden picnic table with benches should last around 10 years. If it isn’t looked after with the wood being treated every few years, it won’t last that long. Recycled plastic picnic furniture will last about 15 years. The only maintenance they require is cleaning. Coated metal furniture could last a lot longer.

How do you protect a wooden picnic table in the winter?

Wooden outdoor furniture will need to have a sealant applied every few years to maintain its protection against the elements, particularly during the winter months. If the furniture is in an exposed area, a waterproof cover will add an extra layer of protection and help your furniture to last longer. 

If you are looking to add outdoor picnic tables, have a look at our range of wooden, recycled plastic, and steel furniture that will enhance your outside space.