Picnic Tables

The humble picnic table has been a firm favourite for street furniture for a lengthy period of time. Picnic benches do not go out of fashion, from wooden picnic tables to recycled plastic picnic tables, there are products for every outdoor space.

At Miko Shelter Solutions, we sell a wide range of picnic benches suitable for a variety of environments. Our product range includes picnic tables that are ideal for use in commercial buildings and offices. We also have picnic tables for schools, colleges, universities and other public spaces.

Whether you need extra outdoor seating capacity for your business, shopping centre, or residential area, we are the supplier of choice with benches at a competitive price range.

What are the benefits of picnic tables?


  • Additional seating capacity for people, especially in the warmer weather is welcomed as more people would like to spend time outdoors.
  • Improves employees’ well-being. It’s scientifically proven that fresh air and spending lunch breaks outside improve the quality of our mood.
  • Our benches are hard-wearing and robust, they are not phased by the elements and can be placed nearly anywhere outdoors.
  • Supports social interaction. Facilitating more seating where people can gather around a picnic bench is a great way to facilitate conversation and a community-feel.
  • More inclusive for the elderly or less mobile by allowing them a place where they can rest and recuperate.   


Why choose Miko to install your outdoor tables?


Miko Engineering is your street furniture supplier of choice. We design, manufacture and install street furniture in public spaces, car parks, and commercial premises. We offer a wide range of picnic bench options at an affordable price. We have been installing street furniture products for over 25 years. By introducing tables to your outdoor space, you will deliver high quality aesthetics and help to make your space fit for all purposes.