The aesthetics of Miko’s products are just as important as the functionality. Our planters and tree grille’s offer the perfect combination for any environment.


Corten planters are the most popular products from our range and fit in perfectly with commercial and retail developments. We are also able to manufacture planters from Mild Steel, this allows us to powder coat the product any colour, giving a unique look to each one. If you have seen a special design you like online, we will be able to offer a competitive price.


We know how important it is for young students to get involved in outdoor activities and learning, so at Miko, we are known for our planters for schools.


For more information on Miko’s planters and tree grille’s, get in touch today or book a free site survey.


Large Corten planters act as a stunning focal point.


Stacked Corten planters offer a unique and stylish look.

corten.planter.small (2)

Smaller Corten planters can be located throughout sites for a premium look.


Internal strengthening of a powder coated planter.