Planters, although mainly used for aesthetic purposes, can also bring great functional properties to an urban area. Here at Miko, our planters are an equal balance of aesthetic and functional, making them the perfect finishing touch for any environment. Ideal locations for planters include streets, schools, shopping centres, helping to create an appealing and welcoming aesthetic for anyone visiting a place of interest. So whatever the environment, our specialist design and manufacturing team can help you achieve the perfect planter solution.

What are the benefits of planters?


  • Improve the appearance of public spaces and streets – planters bring easy care planting to areas with no soil, helping to soften the urban landscape. Street planters can also be used to divide spaces and create walkways!
  • Enhancing the look of a business – planters can transform an outdoor space, helping to introduce trees, plants and flowers into a previously harsh and sparse area. This will create an inviting environment for those visiting your business.
  • Standing out from competitors – the use of planters populated with tall trees and plants can boost the appeal of a restaurant by creating private and inviting space for customers to relax.

Can be an area for peace and creativity– planters can allow for different plants to grow which can certainly be a calming aesthetic for many. In particular, planters for schools can be very useful as they can be used for educational purposes when growing plants or simply be used as a calm space for people to enjoy.

Why choose Miko to install your planters?


Our specialist design and manufacturing team here at Miko can help you achieve the perfect planter solution. Available in bespoke sizes and a range of materials and finishes, you’re bound to find the perfect planter for your purpose, whatever that may be. Contact us for more information!