A Guide To Entrance Canopies

A Guide To Entrance Canopies

First impressions count! So lift the whole ‘frontage’ of your building and create welcoming entrance areas for employees, visitors and clients with an entrance canopy. Miko’s range of entrance canopies are guaranteed to give your building entrance that extra wow factor and create lasting impressions on whoever it may be that visits your building.

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Why Are Entrance Canopies Important?

Entrance canopies prove extremely valuable to a range of businesses, helping to improve the experience of those visiting your property, and creating a sheltered space that can be utilised all year round. For retail an entrance canopy can improve customer experience by providing shelter from unpredictable weather, whether it be harmful uv rays on sunny days or extreme weather conditions such as heavy downpour and strong winds. For schools they can provide a sectioned off and sheltered area for pupils, staff and parents to wait, and if big enough they can be used as a play area or even an outdoor learning area! The list goes on.

Entrance canopies offer all year round protection from extreme weather. If you want to help ensure your visitors are dry in the autumn and winter months, and to provide some shade from the sun in the summer months, commercial entrance canopies are a great way to protect those coming into and out of your building. Most entrance canopies adopt a modern design however at Miko, we offer bespoke entrance canopies that can be tailored to fit your building and blend in well with the surrounding area.

How Can A Bespoke Entrance Canopy Improve Your Building’s Entrance?

A great, and cost-effective way to boost the appearance and functionality of your building. Here are just a few ways that an entrance canopies can improve your buildings entrance:

Protection from the elements

One of the most important purposes that an entrance canopy serves is protection from the elements. With rain, unfortunately, being a common occurrence in Britain they are definitely a must! They also provide shelter from the sun and harsh UV rays ensuring that those waiting are kept safe and happy.

Boost curb appeal

Entrance canopies are a great way to boost the curb appeal of your building, without a hefty price tag. They can also help to communicate your brand message to the public, and for retail they can help encourage customers to visit your store! Furthermore, if big enough, signage can easily be fitted to the entrance canopy to allow you to welcome your visitor, provide important customer information and display your store’s name.

Bring attention to the buildings entrance

For most buildings, the entrance isn’t always obvious, it could be that there are numerous doors which can cause confusion to those visiting the building for the first time. Installing an entry canopy can help avoid any confusion and direct customers to the correct and main entrance of a building.

The Different Types Of Entrance Canopies

Miko Engineering offer a range of different types of entrance canopies that can help improve the functionality of your building entrance:

Wave Entrance Canopy

Miko Engineering’s wave entrance canopies give your building a soft and contemporary look, and prove extremely popular in primary schools. Their quirky design is just as practical as our mono pitched or curved walkways, and offers the same level of weather protection.

wave entrance canopy

Mono Pitched Entrance Canopy

Miko’s Monopitched entrance canopies are a popular choice in schools and small businesses. The simplistic mono pitched design offers an elegant look that compliments even the traditional and modern buildings. They also offer a cost efficient solution to help identify the entrance to your premises.

Monopitched Canopies

Curved Entrance Canopy

Hugely popular, the curved entrance canopy is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your building. The curved design is elegant and allows for a larger width span due to the extra strength of the radiused sections.

curved entrance canopy

Wall Mounted Canopy

If you’re not keen on a free standing canopy then our wall mounted canopies could be the perfect option. Wall mounted canopies are much smaller than the other types of entrance canopies, making them better suited to non-essential access or exit points such as fire exits.

Wall Mounted Canopies

Bespoke Entrance Canopies

Offering flexible design and endless possibilities, a bespoke entrance canopy is the perfect way to personalise a school, business or other premises’ entrance. Our in-house design and drawing team can create a unique canopy to suit your needs and design preferences. Alternatively, we can manufacture in response to architects’ drawings.


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How can Miko Engineering help?

Entrance canopies are an ideal solution for commercial and residential buildings across the UK. By introducing an entrance canopy to your outdoor space, you will deliver high quality aesthetics and help to make your space fit for all weather conditions.

Here at Miko Engineering we recognise that no premises are the same as another. Each will have different budgets and available space for entrance canopies, but Miko can provide a solution for everyone. All of Miko Engineering’s canopies and shelters are bespokely designed and manufactured in the UK, this helps offer the maximum amount of personalisation, and the best installation solution.