How Can Electric Vehicle Charging Benefit Your Business?

How Can Electric Vehicle Charging Benefit Your Business?

In a pact to reduce co2 emissions the UK Government has pledged to ban diesel cars by 2030, in an effort to reach its net zero target by 2050. In order to prepare for the change, and providing a new opportunity to attract customers to your business, installing electric vehicle charge points will help your business get ahead of the game for inevitable increase of EV drivers on the roads and in car parks.

As part of this government drive towards encouraging individuals to select electric vehicles, they have set up the ‘The Workplace Charging Scheme’ which is designed to enable businesses to better accommodate workplace electric charging.  With the EV market growing, widespread adoption and the expectation for charging provisions in workplaces as standard is not too far off.

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Investing in EV charging stations and canopies and will help future proof your business, as it’s likely the government will begin to put pressure on businesses to install them in the near future. Local authorities have already started putting EV chargers in public car parks and motorway service stations and we are now starting to see more businesses introduce smart EV charging.

Why Are Electric Vehicles Becoming More Popular?

There are a variety of reasons as to why electric vehicles are becoming more popular in the UK. The change is heavily encouraged by Government incentives and subsidies to help push the transition from diesel and petrol to electric, as well as growing awareness and concern of the plant. The growth of the EV market is expected to soar in coming years, so it’s important that businesses are prepared to cater towards this.

Environmentally Friendly

The main selling point for electrical vehicles is that they’re kinder to the environment.

Electric vehicles have a smaller carbon footprint as they don’t emit any exhaust fumes whilst driving, unlike petrol and diesel cars that pump exhaust fumes into the atmosphere that  contribute to climate change and pose significant risks to public health.

Cheaper To Run

Compared to diesel and petrol vehicles, electric vehicles are marginally cheaper to run. Although there is a higher up front cost than diesel and petrol vehicles, the long term costs are much less. There’s also cheaper service and maintenance plus low or no vehicle tax.

The UK government have also set up various  financial incentives to encourage people to make the transition to electric, such as the Plug-in Car Grant and Homecharge scheme.

Align With The 2030 Ban On Sale Of Petrol and Diesel Cars

After 2030, car manufactures will only be allowed to produce zero emission vehicles, meaning that there will be a lot more electric car drivers on the road. The switch to more eco-friendly cars will be more appealing to drivers if they are confident that there are enough electric car charging points available, highlighting the need for EV charging points and EV charging canopies.
We’ve gone into further depth about the 2030 ban on sale of petrol and diesel cars on another blog.

How Can Electric Vehicle Charging Shelters Benefit My Business?

EV charging shelters bring with them an array of benefits for your business. From giving you competitive advantage to boosting the morale of your employees, investing in electric vehicle charging shelters and charging points is definitely a highly valuable addition to your business.

Accommodate For Increase In Popularity Of Electric Vehicles

Installing EV charging shelters will help to accommodate for the increase in popularity of electric vehicles. Offering a safe and sheltered area for drivers to charge up their electric vehicles will work to increase footfall and time spent at your business. Drivers will be likely to return if they experience a positive charging experience, and choose to visit your business over close competitors.

As well as benefiting visitors and increasing footfall to your business, introducing EV canopy shelters and workplace charging will make life easier for employees and provide increased convenience for clients. Keeping employees happy and providing convenience for clients will help boost morale and

Improving efficiency and cutting costs. Electric charging points at work may make life easier for employees, reducing time spent seeking out where to charge, for example. For companies where vehicle fleets are part of the business there are opportunities to save on fuel and maintenance costs.

Help Your Eco-Friendly Image

With the ever growing awareness and consideration of the environment and our detrimental impact on it, choosing to install EV shelter canopies will highlight your brand values and show that the business is invested in positive environmental change.

Advertising Opportunities That Can Increase Revenue

Electric vehicle charging shelters will also provide an opportunity to advertise your business and promote your services and any offers you have one, which can help to generate additional revenue.

Interested In EV Charging Shelters For Your Business?

Miko Engineering can provide a range of EV charging shelters that will work to improve footfall to your business and ensure you’re providing your customers and employees with safe and secure electric vehicle charging. Our electric vehicle canopies include: