The Different Types of Street Furniture

The Different Types of Street Furniture



Street furniture, which can also be called road furniture, can have a big impact on an outdoor or public space, whether it is used to make a space more enjoyable and more functional, or to assist pedestrians and passersby. By having high-quality street furniture, your outdoor space will be greatly enhanced. 

What is Street Furniture?

Street furniture is a collective term for items and structures that are installed or placed in public areas and other outdoor public spaces for various purposes. For example, seating, waste disposal and bollards & barriers. Street furniture can also include decorative items such as sculptures, fountains and planters, used to enhance the visual appeal of public spaces.  It’s important to remember that street furniture differs from legal road requirements such as street lights, traffic lights and traffic signs that influence road user behaviour.

Why is Street Furniture Important?

There are a number of reasons why street furniture is an important addition to your outdoor space. Here are a few reasons. 

Provides Outdoor Facilities

Adding the right street furniture to an outdoor space provides a range of outdoor facilities that ultimately make the space more inviting and enjoyable for people. For example, seating options provide a place for people to rest and socialise, and outdoor litter bins help to manage waste and protect buildings from a build up of litter.

Can Help Create A Safe Environment

Bollards, handrails and balustrades are all examples of street furniture that play an important role in creating a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Makes a Good Impression

Street furniture can help to create a positive first impression of a place, making it more attractive and inviting to visitors. Pragmatic street furniture such as mail boxes, street signs and bus shelters also help to make a good impression but in a practical sense as they serve very specific purposes. Other forms of street furniture such as benches and planters are very much designed to help create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in a street setting.

Our Different Types of Street Furniture Available

Our street furniture range is a small but important part of our overall product range at Miko Engineering. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products as well as bespoke options where possible. Below are the different types of street furniture we have available. 



Benches are a practical addition to any space. They can be a rest stop amongst the hustle and bustle of urban areas or they can be a popular socialising point in playgrounds. Not only this, but people will tend to spend more time in spaces where there is a free bench to sit on. We have a variety of bench options, including our popular ‘Vitality Bench’ which was designed in partnership with Newcastle University to offer an ergonomic solution for the elderly and visually impaired. 

Outdoor Bins

In addition to being a positive step in helping the environment, having outdoor bins will enhance the appearance of your outdoor space by reducing the amount of litter. We offer a range of litter bins that are suited to commercial buildings and offices, schools, colleges, universities and spaces. 

Picnic Tables

Picnic benches do not go out of fashion. They are an excellent way to add extra outdoor seating capacity and encourage social spaces. By facilitating more seating where people can gather around and spend time together, you can improve the well-being of the people in that space. Our picnic benches are all hard-wearing and robust and can be placed nearly anywhere outdoors. 

Bollards & Barriers

Mild Steel Bollard – Flat Top

Bollards are extremely versatile and are suitable for many purposes, including car park barriers, security bollards, street bollards or steel parking bollards. Our range covers mid steel to heavy-duty HGV security parking posts. 



Whatever the environment, planters are a great way to create an appealing and welcoming aesthetic for any space. They can help to soften an urban landscape or they can serve a functional purpose at schools as an educational tool. We offer bespoke planters to suit any space.

Handrail & Balustrade

Handrails and Balustrade

Providing extra stability and durability to your outdoor area, handrails and balustrades are an essential addition to areas with stairs, ramps and other elevated areas. They also help to make spaces more accessible to those with disabilities or mobility issues. 


Are you Interested in Street Furniture in your Outdoor Space?

At Miko Engineering, we design, manufacture and install street furniture in public spaces, car parks, and commercial premises. We offer a wide range of products and can also offer bespoke design solutions. If you are thinking of adding street furniture to your outdoor space, speak to us today and we will help you to make your outdoor space fit for all purposes.