6 Benefits of Installing Canopies at Your School

6 Benefits of Installing Canopies at Your School

School is a magical and enriching experience for most students and the addition of canopies can make it even more fulfilling. Here are our top 6 reasons why installing canopies can benefit your school.

Increased classroom space

School canopies can create additional and alternative classroom space. The additional outdoor space will allow for more creative and messy classroom projects, as well as activities that may include noisy musical instruments. In addition, the additional space will give students the chance to interact with other students they don’t normally sit next to.

Aid student development and increase their behaviour

Children’s development and their behaviours may also benefit from outdoor canopies. According to the Natural Connections project, 92% of teachers say children are more motivated to learn when they’re outside, while 82% sad they saw a positive impact on their behaviour. Purchasing and installing a school canopy is also a lot cheaper than extending the building itself!

Create extra classroom storage

As well as the additional classroom space, the canopy may also provide additional storage space for outdoor equipment. Adding roller shutters to the canopy can also protect the equipment from the elements.

Protection from the elements

Allowing students to move out of the classroom is a great opportunity for them to explore their surroundings and nature, even if the weather isn’t ideal. The canopy can protect students and classroom equipment the rain, as well as protecting students skin from UV rays from the sun!

Protected walkways

Students and teachers may have to travel between buildings throughout their day, which may not be ideal considering the temperamental British weather. Covered walkways are a great way to keep students, teachers and their materials protected at all times. The number of accidents at school may also decrease due to students not having to run between buildings when the weather gets rough.

Stand out from the crowd

First impressions are everything. Every year there will be prospective students and their parents visiting your school. That’s why it’s incredibly important to not only focus on your interior looking its best but also your exterior, too.

The exterior of your school can be totally transformed with a canopy or multiple canopies. Simply installing a walkway, entrance canopies or a study area canopy can easily influence the decision of prospective students choosing to attend your school. It may also score additional points to Ofsted inspectors!

How can Miko help?

At its core, Miko Shelter Solutions is a family firm with traditional values. We believe in offering a complete and honest service, no matter what your requirements. As a result, we get repeat business on a regular basis and have earned a formidable reputation for our excellent products and customer service.

Got any questions or want to discuss how your school could benefit from installing canopies? Feel free to contact us!

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