Outdoor Canopies For Schools

Outdoor Canopies For Schools

Here at Miko Engineering we specialise in outdoor canopies, and our canopies can benefit a range of businesses. All of Miko Engineering’s school canopies and shelters are designed and manufactured in the UK, this helps offer the maximum amount of personalisation, and the best installation solution.

From designated safe and covered waiting areas to better outdoor learning opportunities, outdoor canopies for schools bring with them a number of benefits. They can help to provide a safe and protected environment for pupils and staff to enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s to learn or relax. All of Miko Engineering’s school canopies and shelters are designed and manufactured in the UK, this helps offer the maximum amount of personalisation, and the best installation solution.

School Canopies

What Are The Different Types Of Outdoor Canopies In Schools?

There are a variety of outdoor canopies for schools, each with their own uses and offering their own benefits. From making day to day life more comfortable and enjoyable, to transforming previously unusable outdoor space into sheltered areas for pupils to learn and play. This can help to enhance the school experience by providing social, and all-weather learning spaces.

Our canopies for schools also have a large range of doors, the most popular being sliding canopy doors. By incorporating doors, along with electrical points, into your canopy you can make it a fully functional extension from your existing building.

Entrance Canopies

Outdoor Canopy







It’s never enjoyable having to wait outside in heavy rain or snow. Entrance canopies can bring a number of benefits to help make the day to day runnings more enjoyable for everyone. They can provide a waiting area for parents dropping off or picking up their children, along with shelter for staff and pupils queuing up.

Covered Walkways

covered walkways








Covered walkways allow for staff and pupils to travel in between buildings without having to run to escape heavy rain! This can help to avoid accidents and pupils are less likely to slip over whilst running to escape the rain. In the summer months, covered walkways built next to classroom windows can also help to keep classrooms shaded, helping to avoid them becoming stuffy and unpleasant throughout the day.

Dining & Teaching Canopies

Outdoor Canopies








Miko’s dining and teaching canopies allow for better outdoor learning opportunities. Many schools have the same issue; they don’t have enough room to fit all their pupils during break and lunch times. Extending these break areas with canopies can be hugely beneficial, providing enough space for everyone to spend their break and lunchtimes as they please.

Outdoor teaching canopies can allow for more freedom when it comes to messy arts and crafts lessons, whilst also keeping the pupils protected from harmful UV rays and heavy rain. They allow for more interactive and hands-on lessons, and enable pupils to mix with those they might not usually interact with in the classroom. These fully enclosed canopies can include electrical points for bringing teaching outside and can be used all year round, whatever the weather.

Playground Canopies

Playground Canopies








Playground canopies allow for pupils to spend their breaks and lunches outdoors instead of stuck inside due to the unpredictable weather conditions! Whether it’s to offer shelter from rain or snow, or to provide shade during the summer months. A playground canopy can also help to create a boundary so that children know that they need to stay within the designated area whilst playing.

Shade Sail Canopies

Shade Sail Canopies








A popular option amongst schools, shade sail canopies are made from the material used on actual sail ships which is extremely hard wearing, and offers both UV protection and water resistant shade cloth. By combining your shade sail canopy with picnic tables and other outdoor furniture you can completely transform your outdoor space, making it both a social and sheltered area for pupils and staff to enjoy their breaks.

What Are The The Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Canopy In A School?

School Canopies

Outdoor Learning

By having an outdoor canopy in a school environment, students and teachers alike are able to take part in lessons outdoors whilst still being under shelter, allowing access to both fresh air and weather protection. This is particularly popular in both primary and secondary schools as outdoor lessons can often be popular for curriculum subjects such as science and geography.

Additional Classroom Space

One of the main practical benefits of having school canopies is not only does it enable outdoor learning and outdoor activities but the additional outdoor space can be used as storage facilities. For example, say you have large classroom or playground equipment, this could be kept outside but under an outdoor canopy as it would remain sheltered however still within close proximity to a classroom.

Sheltered Spaces To Learn And Play Outdoors

Depending on the ages of the students, a school canopy will enable them to either learn outside or simply play outside at break time, or even both! Simply by having this sheltered outdoor space, both learning time and play time can take place outdoors with effective weather protection. School canopies can even be used as covered outdoor dining areas for the spring and summer months as it will be warm enough for students to eat outside (if allowed) however an outdoor canopy will still allow them to be protected from sunlight and UV rays, something that is particularly important for young children in primary schools.

Provide Shelter

We’ve touched on it quite a bit already but one of the main and most straightforward benefits of school canopies is the fact they simply provide a shelter. Whether it’s used for outdoor dining, or as outdoor shelters/outdoor spaces, school canopies provide shelter for all those in a school who wish to maximise their outdoor space. It could be for learning or recreational usage, either way by having an outdoor school canopy both students and teachers have a space outdoor space that is sheltered from poor weather conditions.

Impressive Facilities To Have

An overlooked and often forgotten benefit to having school canopies is that it can leave an excellent impression on those visiting the school or those who attend. Impressive school buildings are often vital for a school’s image and play a big part in making a good impression. Parents and other visitors will likely acknowledge the above benefits of having an outdoor canopy in a school environment and how it can enhance the education of those within the school.

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Are You Interested In A School Canopy?

Miko Engineering offer a range of school canopies that can help to transform your outdoor areas into spaces! Outdoor canopies for schools can enhance the day to day experience of students, staff and any other visitors.

We recognise that no school is the same as another. All schools will have their own budgets and available space for outdoor school canopies and at Miko Engineering, we can work with you to create a bespoke canopy that will blend in effortlessly with the school. Get in touch with Miko Engineering today to find out more about our school canopies!