How Can Canopies Benefit Your Workplace?

How Can Canopies Benefit Your Workplace?

Commercial canopies come in all shapes, sizes and finishes making them suitable for a range of businesses with several different uses, such as providing weather protection against high winds or simply an installed outdoor shelter to add to a building. Workplace canopies act to maximise your outdoor space, making it more functional and also boosting the aesthetic appeal of your property. Miko Engineering’s canopies incorporate everything that you need to create a usable, sheltered and aesthetic outdoor space.

Outdoor Canopy










Why Are Commercial Canopies At Work Important?

Commercial canopies are hugely important and serve to greatly benefit a number of businesses, similarly to large marquees that you may find in retail outlets. With a commercial canopy, you show people what kind of atmosphere your business has and that you have the appropriate equipment and facilities to allow people to be outside all year round.  Customers who set foot in your business will also remember this when they’re considering whether or not they will come back as an outdoor canopy at work will certainly leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re wanting to make the most of your outdoor space, improve employee and visitor experience, or simply boost the outdoor aesthetic appeal of your business, Miko are on hand to help.

Which Outdoor Canopies Can Benefit Your Workplace?


There are a number of benefits to installing canopies at your workplace. Different designs come with different purposes and benefits. The team at Miko have pulled together the three of the most common commercial canopies to help you divide which which workplace canopy is best for your business:

Entrance Canopies


entrance canopy







Entrance canopies provide a safe and sheltered space for employees and visitors, as well as making your entrance more inviting and comforting. An entrance canopy is also a great place to prominently display your brand, colours, and logo. It is a constant way to advertise your business around-the-clock without even trying.

Covered Walkways


covered walkways







The main benefit of covered walkways at work is that they can connect buildings allowing employees and visitors to move between buildings whilst staying safe and sheltered from the elements such as heavy rain, snow or UV rays. Miko have a range of standard and bespoke covered walkways available to suit your requirements, ranging from contemporary to classic styles in a mixture of materials.

Shade Sail Canopies


Shade Sail Canopies







Shade sail canopies provide a cool and sheltered space for employees to spend their lunch and socialise. These areas can also be used as extended working areas for employees that want to wish to get some fresh air whilst working. By combining your sun shade with picnic tables and other outdoor furniture you can transform your outdoor space into an open social space whilst remaining more sheltered from the elements and offering UV protection.

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