School Canopies for Summer Terms

School Canopies for Summer Terms

With the weather getting warmer it is only natural that school children will begin to venture outside during their breaks, but why wait for the weather to get better? At Miko Engineering, we offer a range of school canopies to best suit your needs.


Outdoor Dining Canopies

When considering outdoor dining, in the UK we must also consider shelter solutions from the drastic weather changes. Outdoor dining creates sheltered seating solutions for pupils, meaning they have the option to socialise with friends while eating their lunch in an ‘alfresco’ manner.


Outdoor dining canopies also provide for a much cheaper solution to extending your dining hall, as well as having a positive effect on students productivity and their ability to learn.


Our outdoor dining canopies have multiple uses including using it for dining purposes, as well as a new teaching area, but if you’re wanting more space it would be better for your establishment to get an additional teaching canopy.

Teaching Canopies

Teaching canopies are starting to become the main hub for teaching within schools, especially since it has come to light that teaching outside of the classroom is so important for the development of students. Creative education stated that “taking kids beyond the classroom is like unclipping their wings”. Children outside of the classroom can come up with more creative results, as well as a higher desire to learn, as they feel more engaged.


When designing an outdoor teaching canopy we also make sure to involve the school as much as possible. At Miko Engineering, we provide an extremely bespoke process so that your canopy fits and functions perfectly. We can offer a range of designs, colours and door choices. We can also include details such as internal lighting and even electrical points.

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Sun Canopies

Sun canopies are vital for students and employees during those hot summer months. The sun can cause extreme damage to children’s skin, so our sun canopies are designed to safeguard against harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Sun canopies come in various designs, one of the most popular being a sail canopy, as it offers a contemporary, yet impressive shelter solution. A sail canopy is a type of sun canopy that is known for supplying optimum coverage and protection on rainy days and during sunny spells. Sail Canopies are usually installed in schools as a smaller shelter solution for use in playgrounds, this is because they require fewer poles to hold it in place.


All of our sun canopies can be designed to suit your school’s theme and colours, whether this is done using a wooden framework for a more natural appeal, or a galvanised steel for a solution that will be built to last.

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All of our school canopies are designed, engineered and installed to meet health and safety regulations. Not only this, but we make sure all of our school canopies also meet our own strict regulations. Without our own intensive regulation system, we may not have become Britain’s best canopy manufacturing company.


Why not contact us today to find out more on how we have maintained our high company status throughout the 30 years that we have been manufacturing shelter solutions, street furniture and more. Contact us on 0191 428 0452 or email us at


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