Importance of a Canopy/Covered Walkway – Commercial Building

Importance of a Canopy/Covered Walkway – Commercial Building

As the nights draw in and temperatures drop we welcome in the weather of winter. This season it is more important than ever to stay warm and dry. Here at Miko Shelter Solutions, we understand the importance of such and therefore we are at hand to ensure you have access to the very best of shelter solutions that engineering has to offer! That’s why we wanted to remind you of the importance of having weather protective solutions constructed onto your site and how vital it is you invest in these solutions before the harsh winter of the coming months hits. Here at Miko, our two most specialist weather protective products are our entrance canopies and covered walkways.

Do not fret that our engineering solutions will ground to a halt in winter, because here at Miko we work rain or shine! The winter months may be looming but at this time it is more important than ever for us to help your organisation and arrange a shelter solution that will leave you feeling organised and prepared. Whatever your building type, the team at Miko are dedicated to developing a bespoke solution to satisfy the needs of your commercial, public sector or industrial premises. However, if you are a commercial company receiving regular visitors during the winter months there are a number of reasons why it is more important than ever to have adequate shelter solutions foryour building.The Miko team recommend that work is arranged sooner rather than later, so whatever the weather let us upgrade your building to the utmost quality it can be. Here is a breakdown of why these shelters are so important for your commercial building…

Importance of having an entrance canopy on your commercial building

 #1 Aesthetic Benefit

Entrance canopies can have immense importance purely for aesthetic reasons as they can help improve the overall look of your commercial building and draw visitors or customers into visiting your premises.

#2 Shelter

In a far more practical sense, entrance canopies are primarily used as shelter solutions to protect the customers and staff members of commercial buildings from bad weather. Our shelter range includes a number of products from canopies to protect customers from full sun exposure, however, with winter looming we also have products to protect from rain and high winds.

If you employee staff members who smoke entrance canopies can also provide a sheltered area for them to smoke outside of the workplace. However, if your commercial building requires a more permanent smoking shelter for your workplace Miko also design these shelters.

Importance of having an covered walkway on your commercial building

#1 Aesthetic Benefit

A covered walkway is a great way to make your building stand out from the crowd and give it a modern update with this practical design feature.

#2 Shelter

Covered walkways can be highly beneficial in commercial buildings to provide a sheltered space which connects buildings and office space together. This means employees and visitors can stay warm and dry when moving between buildings creating a more pleasant experience for them when they are on your premises. Additionally, it creates a connection between multiple commercial spaces, for instance if you wish to link two premises together.

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But, why choose Miko for your winter shelter solutions?

Here at Miko we have years of knowledge and experience within the engineering industry and have worked extensively with a multitude of organisations to tailor and design specific solutions for their commercial building. As a family run business and a firm believer in delivering an honest and professional service, we believe ‘anything is possible’ and are dedicated to this philosophy when designing winter shelter solutions for our clients. So, keep covered this coming winter with Miko.

If you are interested in either our entrance canopy or covered walkway products, Miko offer free site surveys so if you would like any more information on organising this please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0191 428 0452 to discover more about how we can help you this winter and beyond!